RUMOR: Watch Dogs Wii U Canceled?

GaminRealm: "It seems that GameStop Italy has removed the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs for pre-orders. This rumor was brought to light by Wiitalia, a Italy-based Nintendo site. Wiitalia stated that initially, one of their readers brought to their attention that they were not able to pre-order the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs at their local GameStops."

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TomShoe2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

I'm not even sure if they should develop for the Wii U at all. The install base is so small, they'd be better off developing it for Vita instead of the Wii U.

mwjw6962702d ago

OUCH... that hurts. I mean its true, but OUCH.

light692702d ago

Ahahahahaha this is by far the funnies but most stupid thing I've heard all day.

Yep2702d ago

Meanwhile, Wii U is on track to exceed the Vita's install base.

PS Vita: 7.35 million in 2+ years
Wii U: 5.52 million in 14 months.

cyguration2702d ago

lol but the Wii U has more consoles in homes than the PS4 and Xbox One.

If Ubisoft canceled Watch Dogs for the Wii U they better cancel it for the XB1 as well, since the Wii U has 2 million more consoles in homes than the XBox One.

guitarded772702d ago

@ Tom - But the Vita has remote play with the PS4 version, so making an inferior version directly for the Vita would be... kinda lame. I for one am glad Ubi is sticking with developing for the Wii U. I will play Watch Dogs on the PS4, but I think any 3rd party support for the Wii U is great. Yeah, sales for the Wii U version will be less then probably all the other platforms, but there is still an audience there.

LOL_WUT2702d ago

The only 3rd party game to come to the WiiU has been cancelled? Nintendo has no chance if it wants to survive on only it's first party IP's ;)

assdan2702d ago

yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of ubisoft's last titles for the wiiu.

zero_gamer2702d ago

"I'm not even sure if they should develop for the Wii U at all. The install base is so small, they'd be better off developing it for Vita instead of the Wii U. "

Funny isn't it? Wii U needs more games, but nobody should develop games for it. The real message I am getting out of your comment is, the Wii U should just die.

WiiUsauce2701d ago

The Wii U install base is so small, yet it's bigger than the ps4's? Hmm sounds legit.

DOMination-2701d ago

To say tue wiiu is ahead on sales is irrelevant when its been out longer. Only 5.52m after 14 months is poor (more so than I thought) and both ps4 and xb1 are on cpurse to overtake that figure in February.

Chrischi19882701d ago

Could you please stop this nonsense? Why does it not matter, that the install base is still bigger? How does it matter, that it is already longer out? If you release a game, which probably will get a sequel annually, then the installbase during launch counts and nothing else. Even if PS4 has 1mil more sold than Wii U till then, it can be just as profitable on Wii U. Some of you should use some logic and not run the fanboy train, because its a trend now, it lets you look really foolish.

GordonKnight2701d ago

That sucks!

I have all three systems and was planning on buying this game on the Wii U.

If this is true then I'll get it for the PS4.

extermin8or2701d ago

Um Acesonall ps vita hasnt been out for 2 years in 90% of the world, only in japan.... is been out about 20 months and its sales have recently picked up worldwide last I saw it was selling more a month than wii u... after all its still got 3rd party games announced coming to it and things are abit different to a console the only alternative is the 3ds and its a different device entirely-different style of games for the most part AND sony have ps now.... will increase vita sales and technically vita tv sales will also count.

-EvoAnubis-2701d ago

@Acesonnall: While true, that's really not a particularly relevant point. Watch_Dogs isn't coming out for the Vita either.

ABizzel12701d ago

@Wii apologist

Yes Wii U has the larger install base, but the fact that two consoles that just released just over 2 months ago have already closed in on the Wii U's +1 year hardware sales just shows how bad it's doing.

I could have sworn this rumor was proven false, but if it's true I don't blame Ubisoft. Assassin's Creed is the closest thing to Watch Dogs on the Wii U and made by Ubisoft. Both versions have sold under 300k copies on Wii U, which is shamefully low, because they're actually decent ports. Yet those 2 consoles with smaller install base sold 600k (XBO), and 1.2M (PS4), while the console that has the larger install base couldn't break 500k sales with 2 versions of the franchise on it. That's horrible.

And although @Tom was trolling the PS Vita version of Assassin's Creed sold almost 1 million copies on the handheld, so his troll had some truth to it. But porting to the Vita would be silly as well, and as other said Remote Play will take care of that.

Wii U is going to lose all it's "CORE" 3rd party support if they don't do something and quick. 2014 is their last year, since PS360 development will likely end after this holiday, and with games getting more demanding no one is going to want to take the time out to downscale their game for Wii U ports, which cost a couple million, only for the game to sell 100k - 300k at best.

kopicha2701d ago


I hope what you said is just a troll. Because comparing a console that has been release more than a year ago to something that are less than 3 months old is just dumb. Especially both of those consoles sold more than half the amount of what Wii U achieve in 1 year with that short period of release window. I am pretty sure by end of this financial year both will actually be on par with Wii U install base at least. In fact i wont even be surprise if it actually overtake Wii U's install base by then

Dehnus2701d ago

^Funny jokes according to Sony Fanboys.

Umpiresoftball2699d ago

Seriously how can i enjoy gaming anymore with people like you? rudeness ignorance and selfish.

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ovnipc2702d ago

Good. They will lose money and time that can invest making better version of ne t gen consoles. Sorry wii u ppl but its the truth.

Metallox2702d ago

Of course. Let's screw the 5.5 million people that have bought the console.

DOMination-2701d ago

If you take out the people who aren't interested, traded in their wiiu or have another console to play an obviously superior version how maby of those 5.52m are left? Like with cod, fifa, rayman etc. Before it the answer is probably 100, 000 at best.

GordonKnight2701d ago


The Wii U was suppose to have the best gameplay out of the three consoles.

That's why I was going to get it for the Wii U. Even though I have all three consoles.

bloop2701d ago

@ovnipc I'm totally in favour of studios putting everything in to PS4/XB1 development to get the most out of the new systems, but do you think they'd just scrap it on WiiU this late in with a probable release in the next few months?? Now that really would be a waste of the time and money they spent this far into development. I can't see it happening, considering there's more than 5 million WiiU's out there too. Even if they sold 1/5 the amount of copies as there are WiiU's sitting in peoples homes, they'd much more than cover themselves.

kopicha2701d ago


Which 3 consoles are you talking about? Wii U PS3 and 360? I hope you aint referring to XO and PS4 as the other 2 from your 3 consoles because if you do then you are clearly an idiot thinking Wii U ver would play better than those 2. Anyone who follow the games prior to the announcements knew Wii U version of the game is closer to the last gen version than the next gen version.

Umpiresoftball2699d ago

Look at me i am a troll... i don't like Nintendo but i want there games on my system anyways.

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Ol_G2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Nobody cares to even check the official site before going all apeshit on this

Umpiresoftball2699d ago

Cause its Nintendo and rumors= true but when its Proven false it never ever matters.

Flamingweazel2701d ago

@ACES, the vita is now outselling qii-u weekly, wii-u had a much bigger launch but since last year vita has been widening the gap it is doubtfull wiiu even catches the dwad vita.

3-4-52701d ago

Whoever releases a game slightly around Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Brothers will get a boost in Wii U sales simply because more people will be buying Wii U's for those games.

It's not idea, but dev's should start trying to align their game to make as much profit as possibly for the release date.

After people play Mario Kart8, they are going to want more...

Would be a perfect time to release a game.

Other than that...good luck.

I feel terrible about the Nintendo Situtation. They are my favorite gaming company but they made their own mistake, and now are paying the cost.

They 80% know what they are doing, but Iwata has taken that 20% he's responsible for and given it such a weight that it appears to be dragging the rest down.

3DS is selling too well for Nintendo to fail.

A New Console would honestly eliminate most of the complaints of fans about Nintendo.

Sucks because looking at the PS4 & XB1 Launch, if Nintendo had anything even close to it, it could be leading in sales right now.

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_QQ_2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

I really doubt this, however it may be possible that watchdogs WiiU version won't ship to Italy or other countries due to the much lower install base in those countries. At least that would make more sense than Ubisoft cancelling the project all together.

xetiro2702d ago

Sorry but I don't see any sense of produce and develop a game of this magnitude for the WiiU and than do not ship the product to selected markets.

If this game was cancelled that's because probably wasn't fully developed on WiiU. I think that Ubisoft never showed WiiU footage of Watch Dogs anyway...

Muffins12232702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Sorry but this makes no sense they already did that effort in making it on wiiu so they are going to release it atleast and not waste the months of development on it.

Chrischi19882701d ago

That would mean even more lost money for Ubi. But it wont happen, there will be Watchdogs on Wii U. This article is probably written by some troll again, who noticed something weird and instantly had to write bs about it, but ok. If all the consoles will be around 6mil by the time of its release, why should it be more profitable on PS4? If the installbase is just a mere million higher, why should they not still releasy it for Wii U, I mean the install bases compared are not that much different and it will be bought by a lot of people on Wii U. Actually it can be one of those games, if somebody owns a Wii U and a PS4, that he might actually grap the Wii U version, because of the improved gameplay.

liquidhalos2701d ago

Somebody from the same region would surely have phoned Gamestop to confirm it or not. Hopefully its a rumour, this game is one of the biggies, everyone should get to play it

UnwanteDreamz2701d ago


You are ignoring future sales. Games stay on shelves after they launch, those sales count. If the PS4 and Xbone are selling twice as fast as the WiiU, and they are, in a years time both will have twice the install base of the WiiiU. Current install base isn't the only thing that matters.

I'm sure the WiiU will get this game, but future games may not be released on it. Time will tell

RPG_Lover2702d ago

again with these f'in baseless rumors?

DJMarty2702d ago

Shite Wii u sales, small user base, 3rd party support gets cut. Simple

Wii u is a flop

RPG_Lover2702d ago

You expect me to take your factless troll post seriously? 1 bubble man? haha

Metallox2702d ago

Although Ubisoft announced the game for Wii U shortly after the PS4's presentation. So I think the Wii U version it's just a port of the last generation of consoles. Watch Dogs for Wii U was very expected, even more than the Assassin's Creed games. Being this said, I think the game could have sold easily 250K during lifetime, covering all porting costs. I'm saying this because the project could have been a waste of time for developers of the Wii U version (it was the only one been made on another place, the others were made on Ubisoft Montreal, if I'm correct).

light692702d ago

your grammar is a flop troll.

cyguration2702d ago

"small user base"

But it's larger than the Xbox One at the moment.

Seriously people, do you even read what you type before you attempt to troll?

Hicken2702d ago

@cyguration: That's at the moment, but it doesn't take a genius to see that'll change in a matter of months, so it's really irrelevant.

That said, I don't think this has much chance to be true. Still, it's not as impossible as some of you make it sound.

Chrischi19882701d ago


Do never expect logic from trolls, they just want one system to burn, no matter what, no matter how stupid they look if they say something like this^^

UnwanteDreamz2701d ago

In a year the install base of Xbone will be twice the WiiiU's. Wait and see.

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GribbleGrunger2702d ago

It might be unpopular but I'm going to agree with you. Do me a favour though ... buy more third party games, I want Nintendo to do well.

Concertoine2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

I'll buy them when they aren't:
1. Bad ports with poor optimization (AC3, COD, Arkham games)
2. Several months late (Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2, Need for Speed: Most Wanted)
3. Has content cut or no DLC support (AC 4, Arkham Origins, COD, others)

...Which accounts for pretty much all 3rd party games on wii u with few exceptions.

light692702d ago


Who's fault is that? Obviously lay developers.

lilbroRx2701d ago

Third party games do little for Nintendo. They get 3$-5$. Per 3rd party game retail. Third party games have never been Nintendo biggest source of profit.

Just a small fact.

Going by these responses, its clear that people wan this news to be true so they can make a big deal about it and bash Nintendo.

G20WLY2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

But this was submitted by your precious Shokio - I thought his word was gospel among Nintendo fanboys?

I, for one, doubt it's cancelled this close to completion. I just don't see why they would. Even if they made it download only to negate associated retail costs, they should definitely still bring this to Wii U.

It would be rubbish for Ubisoft to do this to people, especially after the Rayman fiasco.

Starbucks_Fan2702d ago ShowReplies(1)
mohuzas2702d ago

Gamestop Italy removed Watch Dogs WiiU, so it must be cancelled! /s

Angeljuice2702d ago

To be fair they removed it AND said it was cancelled (several branches of the store said exactly the same thing), so it's not quite the irrational leap you allude to.

Angeljuice2702d ago


I wasn't saying it has been cancelled at all, just pointing out that the article provides more information than mohuzus' suggests. I have no opinion one way or another, but cherry-picking parts of an article whilst ignoring other parts of it just to make your point more poignant is pretty lame.

SpiralTear2702d ago

"...cherry-picking parts of an article whilst ignoring other parts of it just to make your point more poignant is pretty lame."

Agreed, but you also need to understand that the article's source is sketchy and unreliable. Analyzing the legitimacy of a source is just as important as reading the whole thing to get the big picture.

This is a random user who has reported this and not just any random user, but an ANONYMOUS random user. If it was an industry professional, a developer, or anyone who was actually involved in Watch_Dogs' production, then I would give this article more credit, but at the moment I can't. Hell, I'd start to believe it more if there was a quote from the Gamestop employee.

The source is simply too unreliable to start calling it "accurate," especially after all the time, effort and promotion Ubisoft has put into this game, all versions of it.