Developers Say Candy Crush Saga Creators Stole Their Game

GR - While continues to lay claim to words as wholesome and God-given as "candy" another developer says that the creators of Candy Crush Saga stole their game concept several years ago even after making an offer to buy the game.

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ftwrthtx1728d ago

Candy Crush has a huge following.

Summons751728d ago

yeah, the same idiot soccer moms who got Angry Birds popular to try and decrease the generation gap without realizing apps on phones aren't games...

minimur121728d ago

I find it pretty strange how they speak up now, when they're masive and got 2 (dodgy) patents under there name.

But they couldn'tve spoken up months, years ago when it was originally popular?

FarEastOrient1728d ago

LOL, Candy crush stole from Bejeweled. It's a big circle over there.

3-4-51727d ago

Angry Birds idea was stolen too.

I used to play the same game on kongregate years ago but it was a medieval setting and there were like 3-4 games in the series.

That was like 3-4 years before Angry Birds.

I'm thinking this happens way too often.

knifefight1728d ago

Of all the games to steal....

Well, then again, I guess it's a big one.

insertcoin1728d ago

Does this mobile game involve eliminating THINGS? Then it's probably stealing something.

dbjj120881728d ago

I'm stealing this space for my own comment.

Candy Crush sucks.

ftwrthtx1728d ago

Aren't they all stealing from the original bejeweled? Or was there something like that before?

XtraTrstrL1728d ago

Just wiki'd it, some Russian guy in '94 made a DOS game called Shariki. Two games developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo followed, Panel De Pon in '95, and '96 Tetris Attack. Then Bejeweled by PopCap Games came out in 2001.

sprinterboy1728d ago

Not played CC but my sad friends do lol, didnt CC steal ideas from other games ? Oh and please fb friends stop sending me CC invites on fb every 5 mins lol

minimur121728d ago

my friends gf was addicted to it, and was lvl 130something, she logged into his phone to use her one life she had, and it glitched out. she's now back at lvl01 and he's on lvl130... It's halairious

dbjj120881728d ago

If they're sending you CC invites on Facebook they're not your real friends!

sprinterboy1728d ago

I make a nice living out of people who dont know how to use there smartphones or laptops etc with installing countless apps and toolbars lol, annoys me people who buy products or apps and are not willing to learn. Comes bk to drm issue, everyone clicks agree to location, gps, contact data when installing apps or games lol and yes they are my real friends just cluelesswhen clicking yes to everything without reading terms and conditions

erathaol1728d ago

Good. Its great to hear that people are standing up against As they recently filed suit against the small indie team who made The Banner Saga over the word 'Saga'.

I do hope these guys win against, who is clearly a negative element in gaming and has no problems with being underhanded to gain more money.

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