Looking for a new video game system?

This season could be one of the most confusing - or frustrating or rewarding - in years. Two systems arrive next week, Sony's PlayStation 3 on Nov. 17 and Nintendo's Wii two days later. The choices may be daunting, but for excited enthusiasts, perplexed parents and curious casuals alike, the options boil down to one multiple-choice question:
What should you do?

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Maddens Raiders4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

How gaming outsiders & "non-hardcores" view the three different systems? I think it's quite interesting.

Balance4453d ago

it might be confusing but this season it won't be as hard for casual gamers. given the limited availability the ps3 is not an option so that leaves the 360 and wii. just like last year with the 360, if you are not hardcore about the system you simply aren't going to walk into a store this xmas season and pick up a ps3.

Monchichi0254453d ago

The X-box 360!! was once a Sony Fanboy who converted over after finally trying an Xbox out! Wow, games are so much better then what Sony had to offer!!!

Tut4452d ago

lol yes... because the Playstation has been out for SO long!

Jeese, we get more ignorant traffic through this place than any other site I know.

Weapon X4452d ago

It's going to be so nice and quiet in here once the CellStation launches. All of the followers of King Gates will all be @ home playing in their small groups of gears of war, eagerly awaiting the launch of HAlo tre. ALL focus will be on the CELLstations launch and they won't be able to stand it. Oh wait -- did I say small groups? Oh yeah, and short gameplay time too. My bad -- it won't be quiet in here. They'll all be in here as usual. Bored off their @SSES as usual..!!!!!!Oh well, they've still got a chance to pick up a next-gen system.


Maddens Raiders4452d ago

Early reports on the "CellStation" as you call it are looking exceptionally good. If only they could find a way to make more of them, faster......hmmm....that's the key.