Tomb Raider Definitive Edition confirms the gap between Xbox One and PS4

"In this article we take a closer look at the next-gen version of Tomb Raider and what it has to offer on both platforms."

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Hatsune-Miku2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Fanat-X don't want to believe the ps4 is more powerful and even with system specs in front of them showing that ps4 is more powerful they refuse to believe

A few multiplatform games looks better and has higher frame rate on ps4 which is the ultimate proof in the pudding but xbox one fanatics will say that they don't eat pudding so they don't see a difference. I use to remember fanat-X making things up about xbox one having two video cards or some chip with hidden powers, or xbox one having 1 6lbs of ram and other rubbish.

Robearboy2796d ago

power doesn't mean a thing - look through history

N64 was more powerful than PS1 - PS1 was more successful

xbox and Gamecube was more powerful than PS2 - PS2 was more successful

PS3 was more powerful than 360 - even draw

Its all about the games

miyamoto2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

The SNES says hi to your history.

Oh its very much a power struggle with every console generation.

Nintendo had 4 powers actually.
1. a powerful Nintendo brand and powerful franchises,
2. powerful 16-bit 256 colored hardware capable of real 3D,
3. political power to lock down exclusivity for developers & monopolize the industry, and
4. money power to outspend any competitor

It worked for them, out selling and out lasting the fantastic run of Sonic and the Sega Genesis.

The weakest specs did not help the Turbo Duo, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, and the Wii U for that matter.

So this "weakest console always wins" myth, ill informed commenters to needs to be busted and stopped immediately.

In an ideal world, its common sense to achieve a powerful system capable of running the best looking games with the best game play at reasonable cost.

It is what any platform holder would like to aim for- nothing but the best.
This is what the PS4 tries to achieve.

JetP06192795d ago

excuse me please tell me how 360 and ps3 are even? sure xbox won when it came to multiplats for about 7 years till ps3 caught up with total sales, but now ps3 is more than 2 million ahead than xbox 360. plus ps3 still has continued support whereas xbox already dropped the ball a long time ago, only thing keeping the 360 alive are the multiplats and the installed fanbase that hasnt upgraded to next gen yet and die hard 360 fans.

NikX2795d ago

I agree it's all about the games especially exclusive games but also features, price, etc

MultiConsoleGamer2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Weakest console always wins the race, with only one exception. Strongest console has never won the race in any generation. Ever.

Marketing your console as the strongest has also never won the race for any company.

Anyone who disagrees is just proving their ignorance of console history.

Bathyj2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

You realise you just proved PlayStation was always the better console?

Why would that change now given all the advantages ps4 has?

Weak console always wins?
No. Sony console always wins.

abzdine2795d ago

Your history shows that no matter what, PS is successful.
So now on top of being a PS console it's much more powerful and praised by developers.. you know what that means i dont have to tell ya!

sweendog2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

'PS3 was more powerful than the 360 - even draw'

You missed something that backs up your case. The Wii won last gen and was again the weaker system

Edit. Dont think its the games though. Usually its the price

GribbleGrunger2795d ago

Do you buy a console based on how many you think it's going to sell? I buy a console based on what I think it can achieve.

wheresmymonkey2795d ago

surely you mean

PS3 more powerful than Wii - Wii was more successful

SonofGod2795d ago Show
DJMarty2795d ago

PS1 had the dev support cos they went with CD Rom, N64 cart couldn't cut it.

Xbox and Gamecube(both flops)were not more powerful than PS2 thats a myth. Again PS2 got the majority of support from Devs.

PS3 is more powerful than the 360, dev support was about the same, PS3 is sell better worldwide than 360.

PS4 is more powerful than X1, PS4 is better priced than X1, PS4 has better hardware than X1, PS4 is selling better worlwide than X1. As for Wii U that a flop, sales are shockenly bad, 3rd party support is been dropped like a stone.

Point is better sales ends up with better dev support. Clearly gamers are buying PS4 over X1 or Wii u.

If trend continues PS4 could end up been another success just like PS1/PS2/PS3. for Sony.

Cuzzo632795d ago

Ps3 360 even draw? Where, how? Oh in U.S. sales. Ps3 outsold 360 from day one worldwide. If they released as the same as ps4 xb1 it would be even more obvious for you naive fannies just like it is now.

LordMaim2795d ago

@MultiConsoleGamer: I think what you mean to say is that power alone isn't necessarily indicative of automatic success.

The SMS was more powerful than the NES, but Nintendo flooded the market with games, many were first party and quite good.

The SNES was more powerful than the Genesis, and won.

The Saturn was less powerful than the PS1, and lost. The N64 was more powerful than the PS1, but more expensive and a year late, lacking the features and storage of a CD.

The XBOX was more powerful than the PS2, but they came out a year later, and didn't have much in the way of support from Japanese developers initially.

The PS3 was more powerful than the Xbox 360, but came out a year later, at a higher price point, and with a unique architecture that caused difficulties for developers attempting to port multi-platform games. Eventually it surpassed the 360 in sales, however so a narrow victory.

Anyone who points to the performance of past consoles and says that power alone is an indicator of future success is not looking at all the facts.

EVILDEAD3602795d ago

I knew Skyrim proved the 360 gap over the PS3.

(Truth- it didn't and Tomb Raider doesn't)


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sinjonezp2795d ago

Did anyone actually read this opinion pole? My six year old nephew can write better than this. Honestly we have seen a similar disparity with the sega gen and super nes. Super nes games tended to loo and sound better than the genesis. Games like street fighter 2 turbo/championship edition defined which system to get games on. The snes won. So with this type of scenario where two exact games are released, and you have one better on a said platform, people will lean towards the ladder. Now if all multi plat games are better on ps4, microsoft could be in trouble, they would have to continue to deliver superb first party content.

Sevir2795d ago

Simple,there isn't a definitive edition on ps3\Xb360...

Mr-Dude2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

60 FPS is very nice, and expected from a next-gen console. But instead we all b*tching about the framerate, and pissing each other off. The real problem with this game is the price. Why isn't there a upgrade plan?

mhunterjr2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

How many 'Confirmations' do we need before ps4 fanboys get over themselves?

The ps4 is the more powerful of the two consoles. Ps4 games will forever be prettier than their xb1 counterparts.

Everyone has known this for a while. Why are we pretending that folks are in denial? Is it just for the sake of gloating in forums?

KonsoruMasuta2795d ago

Folks are in denial. Go to any article about either system and you will see Xbox fans trying to say their system is just as powerful, if not more.

mhunterjr2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I'm in this article...

I haven't seen the first comment staying xb1 is more powerful or equal to ps4 in terms of graphics.

Ive seen maybe two comments that suggest the gap will close with developer familiarity. Versus a truck load of gloating.

I haven't seen any significant amount of denial comments since before launch.

If there are people that feel that way, they are in such a minority and so stupid, that the constant barrage of confirmation articles isn't going to change their minds, so why bother.

Can we get some real news?

Ricegum2795d ago


Xbox fans aren't going to say the Xbox One is more powerful, because let's face it, it's obviously not. What these people then do is play down the significance of the PS4 having the better hardware. (See robearboy and multiconsolegamer's comments above)

mhunterjr2795d ago


If it's insignificant to them, then so be it. You can't force someone to share your values. Maybe they don't care about graphics as much as some of the other console features or some of the games coming to the platform. No amount of polygons or pixels is gonna change that sentiment.

Mr-Dude2795d ago

That site is the most ridiculous one I have seen in my life. They have clairvoyance, all these secret insiders and apparently N4G is run by the Illuminati... and paid by Sony...

Talk about drinking koolaid, they have a IV line running into their veins..

pyramidshead2795d ago

MisterX has been proven to be a fraud by one of his own 'vetted' insiders. Turns out he was just a troll, like the insider ;).

Rhythmattic2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )


In a way the link is a response to starchild & mhunterjr

People blaming every negative response to Xbone info are classed as the SDF.

If you look at the MisterX blog and go beyond the Headline and read the communitys post's , it is a MS fondle fest....

Guess Its safer to be delusional in numbers.

However, somehow, someone on NG4 will consider me a hypocrite...

DonFreezer2795d ago

Stop with Misterxmedia bullcrap. The guys on that blog at least know something about hardware engineering instead of just trolling everything Microsoft does. Most of the stuff Misterx talks are backed up by the hardware knowledge Mistercteam has. And if you take into account that this is the only blog that does not ban you if you say something positive about Xbox then I don't see why should take Sonygaf or N 4 Sony G as more credible.

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starchild2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

The Sony fanboys are truly pathological. There are very few people that argue that the PS4 isn't more powerful than the XB1. Its just a damn excuse for them to continue gloating and bashing.

They pollute the internet with their hate-filled diatribes against the Wii U and XB1. Yet when a PC gamer points out his rig is more powerful than the PS4, they throw a hissy fit.

Do we really need a half dozen nearly identical articles about the framerate of a game that everybody supposedly wasn't going to buy anyway? The degree of Fanboyism is astounding.

LeCreuset2795d ago

"They pollute the internet with their hate-filled diatribes against the Wii U and XB1."

That takes some gall for an Xbox fan to post. A lot of Sony gamers are Nintendo gamers as well. Nintendo systems are very complimentary to people that have a Playstation or an Xbox.

Mark me well. I've been gaming since the NES. I've owned SNES, Genesis, Saturn, PSX, PS2, Game Cube, PS3, Wii, Wii U, PS4, PSP, Vita, and 3DS. I've never really thought of "Nintendo gamer" as part of my identity—even now. Ditto for "Sega gamer." I had never thought of "Sony gamer" as part of my identity, UNTIL a bunch of fanboys on the MS side acted like they hadn't been there before, when their preferred console had an early lead, and started making GAMERS aware of themselves as "Sony gamers." You want to talk about pathological? Pathological was the pettiness MS fanatics went to, to bash the PS3 at every little turn and anyone that had one. It's called, "Don't throw stones from a glass house." These arguments being made now against XB1 are the same arguments, with less merit, that Xbox fanatics would play up to no end against the PS3. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

kickerz2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

@ starchild - Very well said bro

torchic2795d ago

what sublime prose, what drama!

smashing stuff Shakespeare, look forward to reading your next entry!

pyramidshead2795d ago

I guess you weren't around in 2006.

redwin2795d ago

@LeCre, I'ved all systems too and u don't remember Xbox fans saying anything about the ps3. Sony was always powerful, and with a blue ray . Ms didn't and the hardwear was braking . No! Only one tile of fan!

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Cuzzo632795d ago

Because they are in denial. You in denial that they are in denial. At least ur not denying the obvious

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MasterCornholio2795d ago

You dont care about framerate?

In my opinion framerate is pretty important to insure a smooth gameplay experience. The PS4 running the game at double the framerate is a pretty big deal in my opinion because it demonstrate the significant gap in power between the two systems.

I honestly havent seen something like this since Bayonetta on the PS3 but the difference here was that PS3 version was outsourced to Sega who did a poor job of porting it.

AngelicIceDiamond2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

@master Oh no Frames is way more important. More important than res even imo. Res makes the game look nicer frames make the game smoother and even play better.

I was referring to the the power gap in the title .

" been confirmed today by the developer that the Definitive Edition of Tomb Raider will in fact run at 1080p on both platform but at 60 FPS only on the PlayStation 4, while the Xbox One version of the game averaging a disappointing 30 FPS."

Disappointing? In anyway how? The Thief, Ryse, DR3, NFS, Infamous, Drive Club (still working between 30 and 60) and The Witcher 3 (probably) are running at smooth 30 frames

Does that make those games disappoint? No. Hell no.

A steady frame is more important than a actual number.

For example would you rather have a jumpy 60 frames or steady clean 30 frames.

I don't want anyone to get this "30 frames is horrible" vibe going on next gen. 30 frames is the normal sweet spot. But 60 frames is a great reward if achieved.

Rhythmattic2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

"Disappointing? In anyway how? The Thief, Ryse, DR3, NFS, Infamous, Drive Club (still working between 30 and 60) and The Witcher 3 (probably) are running at smooth 30 frames"

Since when did Ryse and DR3 run at a smooth/locked 30 fps ?

I haven't played the games, but search the net and you'll find both drop way below 30 fps....

Really bad example...........

Good games? Probably....

Just saying.

starchild2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Then get a freaking PC, smart guy. If framerate mattered to you, you wouldn't be hyping up a console that has so many games with juddery, variable, unlocked framerates.

Some facts:

1. The PC is the only platform where you can have 60fps in every game.

2. When a game is "60fps" on PC it's actually 60fps, not 60fps "much of the time" but with frequent dips like on the PS4.

3. Most games on the PS4 are, and will very likely continue to be, under 60fps...usually around 30fps. (AC4, Thief, KZSF, Knack, Watch Dogs, The Witcher 3, Destiny, Infamous Second Son, and on and on).

4. Many of the games that are billed as "60fps" games on the PS4 are in reality games that have a variable, unlocked framerate with quite large swings.

If you truly cared about game performance and fidelity you would be playing on a PC, period. Not acting like a douche bag and putting down other console gamers while you yourself play on a damn console.

AngelicIceDiamond2795d ago


Your right DR3 and ryse aren't smooth 30 frames but all those games are 30 frames nonethelss(apparently the Witcher is to.

I just don't want a frames war because for some reason people always start a " sub war" within a the "war."

What I'm trying say is people shouldn't be arguing about frames and res when last gen those weren't even in the conversation or discussion amongst gamers. And PC gamers have been enjoying those luxury's since the beginning of last gen for years now.

This gen will be fun. I play games not tech and I advise other do the same.

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badz1492795d ago


"its just frames" ??

are you actually serious or are you just another NOOB?! go to any GPU comparison and what are the 2 things they use for comparison? res and fps and they always do it for specific res and compare how many fps each card can output at that res! "just frames"? LOL

AngelicIceDiamond2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

So why the disagrees? I don't understand it? Those games run at 30 frames so what are you guys saying those games are crap and useless because 30 frames?

Some of our favorite games are doing 30 frames. I don't get this site sometimes I'm confused.

Please someone explain the disagrees. My logic is there and solid.

If I have holes in my logic please tell me instead of blindly disagreeing. I'm human not a computer talk and discuss, its what I do.

2795d ago
hulk_bash19872795d ago

Regardless of the frame rate I will not be getting it until it's at least $40. Don't see the point in paying full price for a last gen game with updated graphics.

ooquis2795d ago

And then there's people like me who haven't played the game yet.....SCORE!!

hulk_bash19872795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )


It's an amazing game worth full price when it first came out no bout. But for something that is essentially a re-release with a facelift it should be priced lower. But by all means enjoy it.