Gears of War has 'zero innovation', says EA exec

Alain Tascan, general manager for EA Montreal, has revealed that he thinks Xbox 360 title Gears of War has been overrated by reviewers - with one or two, notable exceptions.Speaking in a panel discussion at the Montréal Games Summit, Tascan said, "What is Gears of War? I mean Gears of War brings nothing in terms of innovation to the shooter... Like, zero.

"Only two very brave UK-based journalists said, 'You know what, Gears of War is a great game but it's like what Quake was a few years ago.'" Any guesses as to who one of those might be?

"Why are people loving it so much? It's like added production value, incredible cutscenes and the best ever graphics ever. I'm sure it's going to be a great success, I can't wait to play it, but let's face that graphics are still number one," Tascan continued.

He then used the comparison of a nice looking girl you might see in a bar and go up and talk to, "And if she's smart enough, that's the gameplay.

"I'm not talking about my tastes, I'm just saying, when you go to metacritic and you see a 96 for Gears of War, then you read the critics saying, 'Okay, storyline - there's none, gameplay is not innovative...' Then I say, why did they give this 96? They were blown away by the high quality of the graphics... Myself, I prefer something more creative," Tascan concluded.

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eques judicii4454d ago

was the last time EA made an innovative game?

I hate EA

uuuunvnv24453d ago

maybe EA needed to let off some steam from all the crap they are takeing from there sports games. And im sorry, but gears has it all in my mind. I dont know how much more you can do with a shooter that hasnt been done, but gears takes it all together and gives you the best game possable. I have never played a better looking or more fun game than GOW. Im sorry if you dont agree, but F**K HALO and all these other shooters, gears is the hottest game ever

DG4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

EA needs to STFU GoW may not have any new innovations like some EA games but at least they do know how to make an amazing game with proven mechanics.

"A bad craftsman always blames his tools!"

EA may try to innovate but usually dont see it to the end release a game early and end up making even worse.

marionz4454d ago

EA is the most crap company around! they spit out sports game after sports game war game after war game, the only good thing that can be attached to the EA brand is burnout, stupid comment...stupid story

Bill Nye4454d ago

I'd have to agree with his points, but I still love playing Gears of War in the same way I loved playing Doom 3 when that first came out.

andy capps4453d ago

Agreed, and also agreed with #1, when has EA come up with anything innovative? For every 1 game that they come out with that's great, there's about 5-10 games of rehashed crap.

Aflac4454d ago

wat gives them the right to judge other developer's games when they (EA) themselves suck balls at game development. All there is to EA's games is, each level u do the same thing as before, but only in different backrgounds, ya, that's reeeaaal innovative, lmfao!!

shoota334454d ago

Its the same thing in gears,and before you asked yes i have played it and its very repetative.And gears is so pathetic it can only hold three enimies on screen at once lol.

power of Green 4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

(GOWs very enjoyable to play, not everybody likes Rachet And Clank type PS games. Night Night dont let the bed bugs bit. I would be worrying about the grade's/reviews of your beloved PS3 games you shouldn't be concerned about 360 and it's games.

bung tickler4453d ago

i doubt you've played it you with all your hate for the 360 i would be surpised if you would be within ten feet of the system let alone play it. secondly if you have played you would know that there are far more than three enimies on the screen at once, also no each stage is not the same, while the color pallete doesnt change too much, the way you go through each stage does. all in all a steller game, only problem i have had so far is getting used to some of the weapon balancing in death matches.

Bill Nye4454d ago

This is EA Montreal, not Electronic Arts, Inc. Considering how Army of Two is looking his opinion might have some merit.