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skynidas4522d ago

This guys copied the style of LittleBigPlanet just look at the first image

4522d ago
Amanosenpai4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )


EDIT: Maybe I have the wrong link or something but i dont find ANYTHING outstanding in those screens...moreover after playing R&C for PS3.

doshey4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

oh thats not all MS copied look at how the graphics look just like lbp

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crazypuppet4522d ago

your joking right, if you wanna say someone copied little big planets graphics are a copy from yoshis story.

tgh machines4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

meyers you are a retard. Bad AI!?!? What the hell are you talking about its a screenshot!

BLaZiN PRopHeT4522d ago

you people realize that banjo 3 has been in production longer than LBP right.

Dark_Vendetta4522d ago

I actually first thought of ratchet but I still love it! Let's hope those are not fakes (but I can't beleive somebody can fake that good).

HighDefinition4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

Very crisp. Looks like RC:FTOD more than LBP. LBP looks better. IMO.


You can`t tell AI from a screenshot.

i Shank u4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

looks more like viva pinata then anything. and AI from a screenshot......what the hell you talkin bout willis

Silellak4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

You know what's depressing about N4G now?

I don't click on 360-game comment threads and think "I wonder what 360 fans think of this game?" anymore.

I now click and think "I wonder how PS3 fanboys are going to insult this game and/or what PS3 games they'll bring up as being better?"

Because apparently there's about 5 or 6 actual 360 owners left on this site, and the rest of the people are all PS3 owners just waiting around to take a dump on any 360 news that comes along.

me_p4522d ago

bubbles for you man..very true

ukilnme4522d ago

@ Silellak

PS3 fanboys will say that it's payback or what comes around goes around.

SuicidalTendencies4522d ago

Agrees with Silellak. I'm the same way. I just come to this site to read the news and don't even bother to comment that much anymore. Way too many fanboys in each others news.

The game looks damn good. I've never actually played a Banjo game and I'm looking forward to giving it a go. Hopefully they release a demo.

HighDefinition4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

Yes, there are NO "hardcore" 360 fans here anymore.....that didn`t happen by accident. Time have changed and so has this site...understand. All you do is b!tch about the site NOW, I like you stay but MAYBE you should go.


anyone CAN say that, cause it`s the TRUTH. This site was EXTREMELY different last year.

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Silellak4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

I do more than complain about this site. Anyone taking an even-cursory look at my comment history will show that. You're just over-generalizing my tendancy to occasionally do so.

I like N4G as a concept, but it's hard to have a community-run site when it's clear that a good 80-90% of that community is bias towards a single console, and at least 50% of those people are HEAVILY biased towards that console and gang up on anyone or anything that doesn't support that bias.

Just because I dislike the way something is being run, though, doesn't mean I'm going to leave. Otherwise I'd have to move out of America.

I wasn't here last year, so quite honestly, I could care less what it was like then. What I CAN do is comment on how I WISH it was and how it SHOULD be - a community of GAMERS discussing GAMING NEWS, rather than a community of fanboy bickering.

You say it "didn't happen by accident" - care to elaborate?

i Shank u4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

High Definition - reading the killzone threads from the other day, there were no 360 fans in there stinking it up going "bah this is a rip off of gears 2" or whatever; ihonestly saw no comments like that in the killzone 2 news, correct me if im wrong. seems to happen alot more in 360 news, cause there's more ps3 people i guess. i was here last year for "all the craziness", and the ps3 fans were just as bad as you say 360 fans were

edit- @ below, i know youre not asking me; but ill tell you as a 360 fan last year it got pretty fvcking annoying having nasim/tanod/schmee/zambrota/ev erytime you popped his bubbles he makes anew account-guy/ going into every 360 thread preaching his blu ray, cell processor gospel. i know you dealt with B.S. too, the mart was probably the same to ps3 fans as nasim was to 360 fans .

HD- i was probably in the killzone thread last year saying how good the game looked. i know there were people sh1tting on it then; my point is fastfoward to now, when 360 fans arent sh1tting on the killzone 2 thread the other day, and ps3fans are sh1tting in the gears 2/banjo news. w/e its all good anyways and i dont mean to complain; just my take on it

ukilnme4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

@ Silellak and HD.

I have been on this site just short of a year I think. I it was pretty even with the trash talk on both sides at that point. Now it appears to be overrun with Sony/PS3 Fanboys. Maybe more Sony Fanboys are popping up as more PS3s are sold. The world will never know.

Edit: @HD

I gotta agree there. They were major sh!t talkers. There were just as many on the Sony side too. Lol, were you one of them?

lodossrage4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

If you were here in 2007 or 2006 it was the same way against ps3 gamers.

For example, if by some chance a piece of Uncharted or Heavenly Sword news got out.

The first comments weren't about how the game might be good or not. The first comments were by xbox fans saying how badly the game would do or about it being a flop.

Especially uncharted. The first comments were almost always "gears of war rip off"

So to complain that now things have gone reverse is pointless.

And to be honest, this goes to ANY complainer. If you know how things are day in and day out around here why complain in the first place? You come back with the same tired rantings that NOBODY is listening to. Not to mention after months of you griping and complaining about the same old thing it hasn't changed anything now has it?

Obviously not since you whine about the same thing today that ya whined about months ago.

But I do like how MANY of the complainers are people that are just mad because the shoe is on the other foot.

P.S.- That's not an attack on you Silleak. It IS an attack on consistent complainers though

Amanosenpai4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

I agree, most N4G members are clearly PS3 supporters, and no one can do anything to solve that.

I guess bubble system and mods are not working as they should.

You can;

Live with that
Leave N4G, at least the comments zone
Bring more 360 supporters... yey balance

BTW: Dont forget this is the BK 3 screenshots thread... lol

JokesOnYou4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

It's always had fanboys on both sides, and despite what HighDefinition says sonyfanboys have always attacked 360 long before ps3 launched with comments about how 360 games weren't next gen and how *WHEN the ps3 comes out it will have much better games day 1 and surpass 360 sales in 6 months, and so on and so on. Now today they conveniently forget all the crap sony/sony supporters talked for a whole year even *before ps3 arrived, now they portray the deserved scrutiny sony recieved for its poor launch and undelivered promises as "bias/unfair". Hey look I don't pretend that either side is more of a victim then the other, ha ha I love a good joke, and I do my share of smack talking but dammm could the sony folks at least try to make an intelligent comment other than the transparent arguement that anything without a ps logo on it sucks.

Seriously look at all the 360 threads, full of 360 haters. Fortunately no sane person actually believes anything he reads in the comments section on n4g. lmfao It doesn't bother me, I just laugh at the foolishness and this site does stay up to date with current gaming news so I just dismiss the fanboys for what they are, haters.

vvvv you see EXACTLY, K2 got bashed early by 360 fans because they were responding to sony loyalist who have been using it as a reference to talk crap about 360 games for years so of course its going to get critcized heavily especially when its revealed sony used cgi and LIED about it being in game. ha ha just stop trying to pretend sony fans are like some sort of abused housewives who have ONLY NOW found the courage to stand up to the Big Bad Man in the "Wifebeater". At least act like a grown @ss man.


whateveryousay4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

you are 100% right on that. In fact, I remember killzone threads and 8 days threads that got that EXACT treatment. People are only whining because they can't take what they dished out a year ago.

@ the guy above me

Come off that man. True sony didn't come through on some stuff at times. But I can just as easily list all of MS's false promises if you want.

sonarus4522d ago

I have to ride on silellak on this one. Its kind of getting bad. I was here last yr and in my eyes it was just as bad for PS3 fans but that doesn't mean it has to play out again. We should just forget about it. 360 and PS3 both have their games and banjo is one of them. Making this site miserable for others isn't the way it should be.

The game looks great. Would LOVE to see it in motion first as this screen shot makes it hard to determine what it really looks like

lodossrage4522d ago

Ok, I can agree with THAT much. Just because it happened to one side last year doesn't mean it NEEDS to go to revenge mode.

i Shank u4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

HD - heres the E3 KZ2 footage thread from last year

besides a few, everyone was praising and loving, 360 fans included. course if your opinion differed you were called an xbug/bot or w/e, but that was the norm back then. give it a look and then tell me some more about the "abuse ps3fans had to endure" . ill give it a rest BTW banjo 3 has sic looking water!

edit - HD's comment offensive? wtf?

thenickel4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

Then maybe you should take that up with them personally and PM them or something rather then offending people that have nothing what so ever to do with your hate mail! Also you mention KArma like 360 is now in this terrible state when there doing just fine! Just because MS was quite the 1st quarter of this year doesn't mean there done and they made it perfectly clear why they where going silent last year anyway! I'm not trying to call you out but it's a damn shame that a grown man is sitting here holding a grudge for a year or two over something someone told him he didn't like on n4g lol! Did you hear what I said? People like you are so annoying and childish it's ridiculous and sad! This has been good news for all gamers this month and here you are and the rest of you crying and bickering over what somebody said that hurt you feelings a year ago lol! People need to start really attacking your bubbles or this site needs to limit everyones comments because it's not fair to anyone thats been waiting for good news to be attacked or offended by your blind self centered hate towards 360,MS, and it's fans! Get a life seriously and I hope that any 360 fans reading his comments along with any other negative comments on this site just ignore them and really look at what kind of immature people these are!

Edit: I think it's good that some of you are disagreeing with me because it shows that I struck a cord! This site is hilarious and will be packed with surprises all during next week were we finally here about 360 and it's games! Some of you won't like it but oh well you just need to grow up and get over it!

prowiew4522d ago

Id rather read comments from super extreme fanboys just for the laughs, than people pretending not to be fanboys.

potenquatro4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

agree with everybody that applys reasoning to their comments. but everybody should relax about high definition's comments. he's a multiple account having fantard that loves to troll. i'm sure the reason he has so many bubbles is because he gives them to himself. On topic i think the game looks good. they weren't showing pics of it and i was wooried. but i think it looks about right. i hope it's better than kameo. r&c was cool. xbox needs a good platform game imo.

EDIT: also agreed with prowiew.

Lex Luthor4522d ago

So damn true, sony fanboys have ruined this site man.


SUP3R4522d ago

If you wish to take a trip down memory lane and visit n4g back in the days of serious 360 trolling on PS3 articles click the link

This is an open website, peoples views are always going to be biased, balanced or similar to yours. You just have to be the type of person who can understand that and share your point irregardless of how you think people will respond, or how many agrees disagrees or bubbles you'll earn or lose.

Glad to be a gamer4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

LMAO at HIGH DEFINITION and the other blind haters hahahaha. Bless em.

Some people need to get a life or at least maybe a new hobby or maybe go outside and enjoy the sunshine. I wasn't here for the fabled 360 fan boy massacre of 2006 and in all honesty i don't care.

As an outsider looking in and reading some of the comments i think it just looks childish and kinda pitiful. i feel sorry for the people that are holding grudges or just hating for the sake of hating.

Gamer love great looking/playing games period. There ain't no excuses really.

P.S Game looks great after kameo im looking forward to this one. its been in dev for 3-4 years so i think its gonna be a winner. Bravo RARE on so far impressing me with those beautiful screen shots.

Today has been a good day got my bike back from Halfords, Manu beat Wigan to win the premiership (Arsenal fan but hate chelsea.) and i got the no of a beautiful nursey school teacher at the bar ; ) AND NOW THIS...


seraph7414522d ago

I'm pretty much afraid to look at any comments related to 360 anymore. Actually, even the news stories have become more biased. I've been thinking this for some time now buts its getting worse and worse by the day. and it is funny how ppl on here are talking like 360 is doing badly right now when it seems to be doing just fine to me. the thing is, most people who are gonna buy the systems don't come on website like N4G and spam about which system is better or whatever. They see what system their friends are playing and buy that system and enjoy it. People are spamming like their posts are actually gonna make a difference in sales, ya right. Also, whats up with the loyalty to the companies, F*** them. I say if you make a good system or game, i will buy your products. I don't understand, people are acting like they are major shareholders and the success of the company will determine their financial success. annoying

jiinn4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

"WTF? LittleBigPlanet copied the style of Yoshi's Story and Rare's Viva Pinata just look at these images":

potenquatro4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

i remember when it was us against them. when they had to deliver or suffer consequence,loose us as clients. alot a great systems didn't make it because of this. now kids are clinging to companies like they're their lost daddy or something. and just like their daddy it can somehow make decisions that affect us in a bad way, but it's ok cause they know better, and somehow that decision is good for us in the long run. fvck that. anybody saying it was worst last year for ps3 owners in this site is tripping. everytime xbox came thru with something good all ps3 fans would start talking about kz2, ff13,halo sucks,etc,etc. and this was a year/year and a half ago,and those games still aren't released. i have a ps3 since launch, and i was ashamed of he ps3 suporters with the exeption of literaly one or two.
ps:sry for the long post.
pps:pom pom pom,pom pom pom,pom. spy!!!

gaffyh4522d ago

As soon as I saw the first image I thought "This looks exactly like LBP", but obviously the gameplay will be completely different and the graphics look pretty good.

kewlkat0074521d ago (Edited 4521d ago )

but "welcome" to N4G...yet again.

If you look at certain gaming articls and compare them, it's easy to see the about of sh^t ps3 fanboys cook up.

Look at "KZ2 debut thread" and the "Gears of war 2 thread" and tell me what you think? At least half of Geow 2's thread is just hate or uninterested fanboys, that bring up KZ2 more than I could count.

Comparing every game
Or they are just not interested
Or it is not as good as some game on the PS3.
Or MS copied someone/game on the PS3
Or their game list is still better.
Or only good game come to the PS3.
Or conspiracy theories run amuck

It's incredible, it has become a cespool..Some people speak out like yourself and others and I give them credit. But it's all apparent, just compare threads. The first couple of comments on anything big usually goes by the likes of what I posted.

7h3ultim8p004521d ago

You guys want proof of just how much the PS3 fans have fuked up this site? Go on the Gears topic. Count the PS3 haters, both in Gamer and Open zones. Go to the Killzone topic. Do the same.

Compare and see for yourself.

MorganX4521d ago

Fanboyism is about 50/50. The difference is, the PS3 side tends to block more stories they don't want to see about their platform more than X360. That's been my observation of late.

I don't think there's anything wrong with the criticism as long as it's not in the gamer zone. Trying to suppress news that may not be to your liking is much more serious.

Back on topic, if those are in-game screens I'll probably give the game a look. Just as the latest LBP screens have me looking forward to that title as well.

dantesparda4521d ago

Just look at all the 360 fanboys b!tch and moan and complain about the PS3 fanboys sh!t. Suck it up b!tches. Payback's a b!tch! All of 2007 and 2006 and late 2005, was pure Sony bashing from everywhere on the internet, here, there, and everywhere, every website and their mother hated Sony. Nothing but complete and utter hate and bashing. But now things are changing and there are more PS3 owners now, and they are growing at a faster rate then 360 owners, and they are gonna defend their system and you cant b!tch, its just the "reaction" to all the original sh!t talking that was done by all the 360 fanboys and all the websites.

I who bought the 360 from day one in America and have never bought a Sony system, felt offended by the way and things that the 360 fanboys where saying, and I didnt even own the system! completely and utterly offensive and mad disrespectful and mad hate-filled. So please suck it all up and shut the fvck up! cuz payback's a b!tch and what goes around comes around. You 360 fanboys think youse can spew all that anti-Sony sh!t and not get it back in return? Pathetic really, and its just hypocrisy on ya'll part.

Also i dont know (or really care) whether or not its true that this game was in development before LBP, but the fact is, that LBP has been being shown for over a year now, and BK has shown nothing except for this now. And it does look like it bit LBP's look. So of course people are gonna say they ripped them off.

Also, both KZ2 and GoW2 look good as sh!t, and it hard to say which one looks better. Although i gotta say, while GoW2 looks good, if you really look at it, it really does just look like a higher/smoother framerate, better/more color, slighty better detailed version of GoW1. Whereas KZ2 does look very close to that E3 05 CGI trailer, which is highly impressive. And both systems are pretty much the same in terms of power thus far. So stop all the fvcking side taking cuz they are just game systems people. GAME SYSTEMS! not your mama, or papa, or your girlfriend or your kids. Or your long lost love. Multiplatforms games are closer to each other than they've ever been in any previous generation and a game looking brighter or darker or lower contrast is not a sign of superiority or inferiority. They are just different outputs resulting from the fact that they are not the same product. Your TV can easily fix that. And Live is overall better than PSN, but is it really $50 better? I mean really all you're really getting over the PSN is the ability to cross game invite and read messages while in game. Thats it! Is that really worth $50 year times the 3 years I've been on it? And Sony is trying to get that out for free, so people face it. They are almost the same.

solidt124521d ago

Well i will admit it does look great. Better than I thought it would.

zane_78494521d ago

Looks solid enough- not amazing like some would say and not bad or a rip off as others say, never played the other ones- seems opinions vary greatly on them- I hope they get released on Virtual Console so I can check them out.

And if your looking for a place where no one will blindly bash games just because they don't own the console it is on- you're not going to find it. Too many people hate what they can't have or don't understand, it's a sad basic of many's human behavior

HateFanboys4520d ago

So if there are only 5 or 6 Xbox fans, then why do you have 98 agrees? Cuz the Sony fanboys are agreeing with you!? Come on man, get of you high horse and realize that its equal.

And stop complaining about PS3 fanboys, i never see you complain about the 360 ones

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St04522d ago

wow looks pretty good

Close_Second4522d ago

...but still needs a lot more work to make it feel a little less sterile and alive. The 360 really needs a great family game like this but it needs to make sure its a AAA title. So far its looking promising however, like others have said above these shots still don't look as good as Ratchet and Clank on the PS3.

Will be interesting to see how well a game like this sells on the 360 since Rare's Viva Pinata, an excellent title, was met with only luke warm success.

cherrypie4521d ago


Ratchet & Clank ToD has sold 1.09M.
Viva Pinata has sold 1.27M copies.

You might want to be careful what you call "luke warm" reception. Oh, did you know Viva Pinata was nominated for 6 Awards at the '06 Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences... amoungst others.

(via vgchartz for lack of a better source...)

Close_Second4521d ago (Edited 4521d ago )

In the context of previous Rare titles, that is, when they were producing games for Nintendo, 1.2 million copies is nothing. One of the reasons MS purchased Rare was to garner some of that success for the 360 and as yet, it has not been anything more than a luke warm success.

I played and loved Viva Pinata, my kids also loved it. I for one can not understand why MS did not hype it up a hell of a lot more than they did.

Oh, by the way. I was not comparing Viva Pinata sales to R&C but merely the visuals. However, thanks for misreading and making your point.
Disagree all you like but I'll bet that Rare and MS are both quitely disappointed that Viva Pinata was not a bigger hit - especially since it garnered its own TV show!

Relcom4522d ago

That is amazing, i don't care what bias anyone has. You can't deny that.