Is Nintendo developing a new console?

MWEB GameZone columnist Zaid Kriel make the assertion that it doesn't if rumours of a new Nintendo console are. The rumour itself is good news for the company

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admiralvic1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Of course they are. Companies start development after the current one releases or shortly after. It simply costs too much in R&D for them to wait years to start deciding what the next big thing is.

Zaphire1754d ago

So much tech and games to test but so little time :P

schmoe1754d ago

Unless it can genuinely compete with the new gen stuff I really hope that they dont. I think the steambox and the ouya have the indie and lighter titles covered. DOnt get me wrong, i am ALL for competition, but if you cant play in the space properly and have to rely on some gimmick to sell your hardware it does nothing to foster progress. imho of course

Choc_Salties1754d ago

Meh, I'm not excited about Nintendo hardware anymore. While the user interface was very nice, the lack of grunt from a processing approach meant that games that should be on the platform, aren't.

How about ditching the high-end console, focusing on the 2DS, 3DS, and whatever else they call the handheld devices, and potentially license their software IP to run on another console, such as the Playstation? Both companies are Japanese, so it would be "keeping it in the family", as it were? Cuts down R&D costs, and makes the games more accessible to a wider audience without ditching for another console to play it on, which also arguably, does it better anyways. You've got the Kinect-like thingy available for the PS4, so use that...

plut0nash1754d ago

I'm in total agreement. A Mario game on PS4 would get HUGE sales. It'd also pull new audiences to next-gen.

plut0nash1754d ago

So how good will the game library be?

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