The Games Aren't Driving Xbox One or PS4 Sales

Customers are buying Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4, but they appear to be buying them for different reasons than the one that powered previous console launches.
Though each company has sold more than 3 million consoles since their November launches, those sales have not created a surge in game sales or even a hit title for either console.

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mochachino3423d ago

Considering COD, Madden, Fifa, BF, etc. are the most popular games every year and those games are on next-gen consoles, maybe people just wanted graphically improved versions of those games, in which case, games are driving the next-gen console sales.

WatDoesTheStarFoxSay3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

I would agree with you except game sales are lacking so far this generation compared to last. (Hence reading the article)

DJMarty3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Sales arn't lacking, attachment rates are good.

more than 90% global increase in PS+ Subs, since launch.

CrossingEden3422d ago

@djmarty, that's because every ps4 comes with a free month of psplus, question is....who's gonna keep paying? I extended mine.

admiralvic3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I read most of the article (started skimming towards the end since it started to get boring) and I have to wonder if upgrades are being included. CoD, BF, AC were all games you could "upgrade" for $10 dollars more, which might be where a number of sales went (as digital sales are not always counted). The fact that the PS4 comes with a $10 dollar voucher might also prompt more people to upgrade instead of buying the next gen version alone too (not to mention the great games with Plus). Likewise, since digital sales sometimes aren't part of the equation, it's entirely possible more people made a shift towards digital. I know a lot of people here prefer physical (like myself), but there is definately a market interested in having their main games on the system and the high installs could be the final push some people need to make that space count more.

Just some theories that might explain the data, though I think it goes without saying that hype sold the Xbox One and PS4. Too many comments on sites like this or GameFaqs are from people that don't seem to understand what buying a new console means, so I think they just wanted one to avoid the hassle of finding one (not impossible, but I can see it being hard if you don't devote a lot of time or get lucky). Anyway, a lot of these people are sold on future games like Titanfall (speak what you will, but a lot of people bought an Xbox One before anything negative came out), inFAMOUS, Uncharted, Halo 5 and other such games.


@admiralvic - you also forgot all the f2p (well at least on the PS4), people can kill time with those, while waiting for the games that they do want to drop. Don't know about the X1, but you don't necessarily have to spend money right away on PS4 out of the box and still be able to get a fair amount of gaming.

FamilyGuy3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I didn't buy my PS4 for launch titles. The system has cool new features and about 5-7 free games to play already so that's plenty to hold some over till games like Infamous SS come out.

The attachment ratio is still high though so claiming people didn't buy the systems for their games is also inaccurate. On top of that admiralvic brings up a good point about upgrading and to even further that point with the unlisted amount of digital sales.

Still, PS4 owners all have a lot of free or PS+ related choices:
Don't Starve,
War Thunder,
Blacklight Retribution,
The Playroom
DC Universe Online.

It's a pretty nice list for $0 or a PS+ subscription.

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3-4-53421d ago

Each were bought on assumed potential.

You hope your console of choice ends up getting a ton of good games released for it.


Good grief, was that an ad or a self plug?

Ashby_JC3422d ago

There was really know HUGE heavy hitters on launch for either system. What I mean is a game that EVERYONE wants to play.

That game that even non gamers be like...whats up with (insert game here).

Take a game like GTA V....imagine if that launched on xbox one and PS4 ONLY (It would never had happened) but sales would have been much higher because that is one game that many would by a system for. (I know I would!!!)

I feel that both systems will build there install base and over time....when more and more make the jump over game sales will go up.

Im sure having many games on BOTH systems are effecting game sales.

I can imagine many are saying....why do I need to spend 400-500 plus games when a lot of those games are on my current system (Assassins Creed, COD, MAdden, FIFA, BF4 etc etc).

When the 360 released there was nothing on launch and for many months after that made me want to make the jump from my PS2/xbox combo. I suspect that is true for this new gen as well.


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Hicken3422d ago

Both consoles enjoy about a 2.5 or better attach rate. And that's for physical games. This, as someone else mentioned, likely does not include the upgrade promotions from last gen versions of games.

It most assuredly does not include free to play and other digital games. For example, I have 3 digital PS4 games (thanks to PS+), but I don't even have the system yet. Flower and DC Universe would make five digital games, while I'd have just Knack and Killzone physically. My measurable attach rate, then, would be just a 2, but the actual rate would be a 7(actually more than that, since I forgot about Warframe, and probably something else, too).

With these things in mind, I think your "concern" should be laid to rest.

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