Stunning new Shots from Fatal Inertia

The snowy glacier stages shown for the very first time, exclusively at the SpeedTree website.

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DJ4453d ago

The snow level is the most impressive.

THE TRUTH4453d ago

PS3 is offering 3 racers with AAA potential and all very differnt! Variety you just have to love it! Threa something for everyone GT HD RR7 Motorstorm and of course this great looking title we have here! I hope it has gameplay that is on par with the graphics add some online races and count me in!

THAMMER14452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

This will be a must have if I end up with a PS3. I like this more than MOtoStorm. I like the back drops and the physics and everything over all this would be sweet with the sixaxis. But I have to real and say I would hate not having rumble though.

andy capps4452d ago

This does look great, it looks like a possible sleeper hit IMO. It's very nice to see the Unreal Engine being used in something other than shooters. About the rumble thing, I agree and disagree with you. On the agree part, I would pay $5 extra for Sony to have included it in the SixAxis. On the disagree side, I bought a Logitech (or is it Pelican?) wireless controller about a year ago when I got Black and I didn't notice until after I got it that it didn't have rumble. At first I was really disappointed in myself that I didn't read the omission of rumble on the box. Or rather, that it didn't mention that it didn't have rumble. Long story short, I played Black and some other games for a long time and I didn't really miss it at all. But, hopefully Sony will release a controller later on that includes the rumble and the SixAxis functionality.

Dark Samurai4452d ago

Props to Koei, they've done an excellent job!

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