Build a Steam PC for around $500 that will rival next generation consoles

SteamFirst: We know many of you Steamers out there would love a gaming rig that can stack up to your friend’s brand new Xbox One or PS4, but likely do not have the thousands of dollars it takes to build the ultimate Steam gaming PC. No worries; SteamFirst has you covered.

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GizmoFusion2703d ago

Great write up and should easily last a few years. Can always spend the money you would have spent on PSN or xbox live and get a newer video card in 3 to 4 years.

Vegamyster2702d ago

It's all right but the video card isn't the best, it would be better to invest a little extra and get at least a GTX 660 for $100 more, the jump is quite large and it comes with a free copy of AC4.

BluEx6102702d ago

I agree.... To be honest this build is very weak. A 7770 isn't going to hold up with upcoming next gen games unless you're gaming @ 800x600 on low settings lol. Get something with a minimum of 2 GB of VRAM and also shouldn't this list include a PC Case? Are we supposed to build this without a case and claim it's finished just so we can get that $500 price tag?

You'll be spending a lot more, but in the long run it'll be better than settling on a low end card.

jsslifelike2702d ago

And what about a case to put everything in? That puts it at $600 or over. And -I've discovered over the years- you get what you pay for in way of cases.

ABizzel12702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

This is worse than the XBO to be honest.

This is a much better deal

You can sell the GPU ($50 - $70) and with the extra $70 you save after rebate, you can buy a HD 7790 (if you sold for $50) or and HD 7850 (if you sold for $79) and then your PC will rival the consoles as it sits right between the XBO and PS4, while only costing $500.

The concept of building your own rig is ALWAYS the way to go, which is what the article basically says, but make sure you shop around first, and find the best deals for you. Even going used sometimes is worth it, but make sure it's from a reliable seller.


In 3 - 4 years yes you can upgrade your GPU, or even crossfire you current one. But also in 3 - 4 years with PS+ at least you've missed out on 36 - 48 games on PS4 alone, so it's still a steep trade-off depending on if you have a job and can buy your own games, or if you rely on your parents to buy games in which case the PS4 with PS+ is probably the better deal.

PurpHerbison2702d ago

Not everybody plays the "nextgen" graphical masterpieces on PC. The most popular PC games aren't very graphically demanding at all.

Vegamyster2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )


I was pointing out it would be a better investment and deal to spent the extra dough, you're basically paying $40 for double the graphics capabilities then the other $60 would cover the cost of AC4 assuming that's a game you want.

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SteamFirst2703d ago

Exactly Gizmo. This seems to be the smart way to go to ensure your rig is always top knotch.

XiSasukeUchiha2703d ago

Nice steam machine that rivals next gen :)

GizmoFusion2703d ago

Totally! And think of the savings with Steam sales.

Riderz13372702d ago

You get some awesome deals and free games with PS Plus too...Also, I think these pc rigs should stop trying to build a rig to compete with the cheaper, less powerful console.

I want to see a 400$ rig that rivals the PS4, not a 500$ rig that rivals the more costly and less powerful Xbone.

anticlimax2702d ago

I don't want to see a 400$ rig at all. Anyone who has a console also has a laptop or pc (probably one over 400$). The whole thing about pc gaming is that you don't start from scratch every 7 years or so, and that you don't just use it for gaming.

Console vs pc discussions should always include the cost of your other digital equipment.

If you have a 400$ console and a 400$ computer, than you'd have to compare with an 800$ gaming pc.

ABizzel12702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )


That's the problem you can't really get that level of performance from PC gaming in a $400 build, which is why the PS4 is such an amazing deal (hardware-wise, and like you said PS+ is just as amazing).

The PS4 IMO dominates the low and mid gaming ranges. It's only fault is lack of a library which is understandable being a new console, but that's why backwards compatibility is so important early in a consoles lifecycle (after 2 - 3 years it can be dropped like a hot potato).

We'll see how PS Now works, and what it cost, but the PS4 is the best deal in mid-range gaming IMO. That being said the PC will be able to do more than the PS4 ever will, and that's the point of these articles / PC rigs.

They show why the XBO isn't worth the asking price when you can get similar or better performance for the same price in a gaming PC, and it does SO much more than the XBO ever will.

AKissFromDaddy2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

The article is awesome. The link they have goes to a shopping cart with all the parts ready for you to buy. That's awesome, in my opinion. My PC cost me $1,351 because of the parts I chose and still love today when I built it in 2011. My i7 2600K & Sapphire Radeon 6970 were more or less $600 together. I'll get this for my brother. Just sharing.

ABizzel12702d ago

I didn't notice that, I must say it's a nice touch. Good job with that guys.

Ripsta7th2702d ago

Thinking of getting a pc but never have ever owned one, only consoles and handhelds. Tips anyone? Will i have to deal with alot of software or is it as simple as consoles? To play and install games btw because i know you cando so much more w a pc :p

Play2Win2702d ago

But you should have heard about PCs?

When a PC runs well there is nothing better to play on. And you can do all your stuff too. Dealing with mouse and keyboard is amazing and will give you real control over your gameplay.

You should invest in solid hardware. A good CPU is always a nice start. GPUs and Memory can be replaced later for better. But of course you can build a rig with a high end GPU form the start.

According to software you should always have the latest windows updates and all important drivers like GPU and audio.

Jdoki2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Best tip is to keep the system clean. Don't install all sorts of junk that will bog the machine down.

Install Steam ( This is a service for buying and downloading digital games. it makes the whole process really simple and they have awesome sales.

You may also want to install Origin from EA, and UPlay from Ubisoft - they all offer games for download and sometimes have good deals.

Other services to check out are (Good old games) and Desura for more indie stuff

If you have a good internet connection with unlimited data - you may never need to buy a physical PC game!

If you want to use your machine for stuff other than gaming get a Google account and use their webapps for writing, spreadsheets etc. If you want a proper MS Office equivalent you can't go far wrong with as it is free

If you are looking to stream your game play or post video to YouTube you will need some tools to do so.

Streaming to Twitch on PC is not as simple as on PS4 by a long way. However, some games support Twitch directly (like Minecraft and I think LoL does as well). If you want to stream anything else you'll need some broadcasting software, such as OBS - which is free but has a slight learning curve. If you already have a Twitch account if you have a PS4 you can use the same details for PC streaming

If you want to post to YouTube you'll need capture software such as PlayClaw (my fave), Bandicam or Fraps. I've not found anything better for the price than Sony Movie Studio for video editing (Version 12 is great, avoid 11). or GIMP for image editing - both are free.

Get a decent anti-virus program. A web search will tell you the flavour of the month

PC's are not quite as simple as a console - but you can't go far wrong.

EDIT: I realise saying 'don't install junk' and then advising Origin and UPlay may be an oxymoron to some people, but I would still recommend them :)

anticlimax2702d ago

Short answer, no it is not as simple as consoles. It's not rocket science, but it's not as simple.

ABizzel12702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )


It depends.

Consoles are simply plug and play, and you're done.

If you buy a PC that's already up and running then yes it's just as simple as consoles (check ebay, and check for reputable sellers). You simply download Steam and you're ready to start gaming.

However, if you're building it can be a little intimidating if you've never done it before. It's no harder than putting together say a bike or wooden table. There are plenty of videos that go step by step through the process on YouTube, and regardless of your hardware and case most of those videos should still lead you through the process. Uploading your OS and checking your BIOS are really the only software related things you might be concerned about, but again it's fairly simple and a video can help you if you don't know how.

The biggest concern for someone who's never done it before is to make sure you know what parts your buying and what performance to expect from those parts. If you want to max everything out, then you're looking at spending $800+, if you're looking for mid-range (aka XBO - PS4+) then you're looking at $400 - $800 ($400 sub-XBO, $600 PS4+). I don't see the point in building anything less than a $400 gaming PC, but it's possible to build $200 - $400 rigs, but they're around PS360 level ($200 is extremely hard to build).

My best advice is research GPU's to see what kind of resolution and fps you want. THen go to a computer store like Micro Center and ask for help about picking the right GPU, then go through this list with the rep on which would be best for you.

HD 7790 ($100 on aka XBO),
HD 7850 ($140 on aka XBO+ / PS4-)
R9 270 ($170 - $200 shop on, amazon, and aka PS4+),

CPU: AMD FX or Intel i5 / i7 (AMD is cheaper, Intel runs cooler, better, buy $$$)
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz should be enough (if you get an APU, go with 2133)
PSU: 500W
Case: Mid-Tower

You can find cheaper parts like the CPU in the article, but the FX brand is easier to deal with for a newbie since you know you're getting nothing less than a 4 core CPU regardless of which FX CPU you get.
FX 4000 = 4 core
FX 6000 = 6 core
FX 8000 = 8 core

Motherboard: This is probably the most important. Since it's your first time I would recommend you get a simple straight forward motherboard. I wouldn't recommend you over-clocking so just stick to something basic.

Good luck. I know it seems like a lot, but it's really simple once you get started. And if it's too much, just go to ebay, type in gaming PC, and bid on a computer that has similar specs. to the one I listed.

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