Europe Weekly Chart Week Ending 01/11/2014

PS4 81,744 (-34%) 1,780,240
3DS 54,620 (-58%) 11,957,095
PS3 36,366 (-53%) 31,800,483
XOne 25,054 (-47%) 807,584
X360 20,343 (-42%) 24,560,757
PSP 15,763 (-59%) 23,880,386
PSV 15,740 (-45%) 2,400,920
WiiU 12,670 (-36%) 1,163,132
Wii 10,868 (-49%) 33,459,973

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BelkingOfSony3795d ago

PS4 crushing everything in it's path, even Nintendo's money printing machine called the 3ds! PS4 World Domination!

abzdine3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

PS2 is definitely back! just wait until stocks flow again!
A tsunami of people is gonna hit Japanese retailers feb 22nd

TomShoe3794d ago

*Looking at the charts*

MS: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Kaz: "PUT IT BACK." ಠ_ಠ

MS: ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

FamilyGuy3794d ago

I like that PS3 PS4 co-existence. Sonys holding 2 of the 3 top spots.

jessupj3794d ago

Remember this is vgcharts, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

But even if it's half accurate this is great news for the PS4 and me as a PS4 because it's going to cost MS that much more money to block 3rd party games coming to my preferred console.

EA definitely must be kicking themselves right about now in regards to Titfall exclusivity.

Concertoine3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I dont think EA decided to make it exclusive, MS just payed the money. EA probably doesnt have to worry how Titanfall sells so much as MS since they got a ton if money with the deal lol.

TomShoe3794d ago

Speaking of Titanfall, you know how they're probably going to make sequels, right?

And it's supposed to be the end to the "rehashed shooter," right?"

I know EA and Respawn aren't going to miss out on a chance to make money. If Titanfall sequels come out, won't those games be rehashes of the game that was supposed to end rehashes?

Not trying to be mean, just food for thought.

stuna13794d ago

People have been asking about where are the 3:1 ratios! Well here they are. And you best believe if the PS4 wasn't so supply constrained in the U.S we would see it pulling away from the competition here too.

mike32UK3795d ago

I guess the 3:1 sales ratio was right after all... MS need to do something fast! The worst thing that could happen to the console industry is for it to become a monopolistic environment

Bigpappy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

What exactly should M$ do. Outside of U.K Europe has no really warmed up to the Xbox brand. The higher price point will continue to be a bigger problem in Europe with many countries there still in recession.

For M$ to make a dent in Europe, they will need to focus on retaking U.K. even if it means selling the X1 at a loss and hope to recoup in software sale. But even then that is still mostly Sony land.

PS4isKing_823795d ago

Exactly. Much of europe is facing high levels of unemployment and or low wages. It's no surprise the cheaper console is selling so well there. Sony will completely own most of europe this gen as well as Asia and north America with xbox one still holding a good grasp of it's us marketshare.

buffig3794d ago

The people who live in struggling regions of Europe with no job and no money are not buying next gen consoles during launch window. If people are buying more PS4s, it's because they'd prefer a PS4.

MRMagoo1233794d ago

lol what kind of excuse is that? people that are supposedly so worried about paying $100 more because of how poor they are wouldnt be buying a brand new console near launch , they would just wait until prices lowered.

MasterCornholio3794d ago

Sony Land = The World

Thats basically it.

ABizzel13794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )


OMFG. DId I just see you critique MS, and worse of all you called them M$.

OMG, it must be a blessed day for me, and I'm going to walk outside and receive my miracle, for I never thought I'd see the day XD

On topic, (and I can't believe I'm saying this) but Bigpappy is right. EU has been Sony land for every generation, and I don't see that changing. However, the $100 price different isn't the only problem. It's they fact that a good amount of the XBO's services simply don't work well outside of the US. Why buy a $500 console that doesn't have all the features it's promised and are up and running in other countries when you can but a $400 console that's more powerful and doing just fine.

Any wise European consumer would simply wait until the XBO brings those features over, or better yet drop the price of the console.

IMO they need to remove Kinect from the XBO, and sell it as an accessory. There's no point to it, since the majority of features are voice controlled and you should simply be able to use the included mic. I shouldn't have to gesture my hands to go into snap mode. Simply saying "Kinect: Snap that" should suffice. Kinect is the reason the XBO is overpriced, and without it they should be able to sell the console for $379.

Bigpappy you almost deserve a bubble for that. Almost. XD

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DC7773794d ago

10k people bought Wii wtf lol. No wonder there continues to be a name marketing problem.

BadlyPackedKeebab3794d ago

There is a market for the Wii though. As a parent with a 5/6 year old something cheap like the Wii with a massive back catalog of now cheapo games is very appealing to keep the little brats away from my ps4. We came very close to getting ours one. Trouble is I was really trying to push a U for them so I could play Mario 3D World teehee!

mmc-0073794d ago

I'm I the only one that's shocked that the PSP out sold the Vita?

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