Faster load times maybe?

Thanks to some forum members of 1up, a secret feature was uncovered with the latest update that could allow faster load time by way of clearing the cache.

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clayton5827d ago

It erases your gaming profile and your gamerscore, and other downloaded stuff from xbox-live.

asdf5827d ago

I haven't tried it, but I would second your advice to not do it. There's already a very well-known way to clear the cache if you want to, no need to use this one.

Schmitty075827d ago

All of your game updates have to be DL again

USMChardcharger5827d ago

just press "A" on any game is not just for oblivion.
note: you know you have done it right when the green ring of light on your controller blinks until the game loads.
do not have your box set to boot to operation screen. have it boot to game.
also game needs to already be in the system.
when the xbox circle locates itself to the middle of the screen, the words "microsoft" will finally display itself...when that happens hit and press "A" and you should notice your light on the controller blink a few times.
you know then it was done right.