What Really Happened With Assassin's Creed III's Production

Even the biggest Assassin’s Creed fans I know will often mention how disappointing the third title in the core series was for them. Now an alleged member of the development team has come forward to talk about what really happened with Assassin’s Creed III’s production.

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phantomexe2559d ago

Really it was my favorite AC game but i see this guys point. I've seen problems with the game but Connor wasn't the problem. Ofcourse i think i understand native america cultural better the most who played the game. Still i think they should of done another game with connor in it. They could of fixed alot of the things that people found wrong with it. My bigest complaint with the game was the story didn't alwasy flow together right at times. Still tho it had so many pretty set peices. The forest area was amazing and gave you that wow. Like the frist time you see the roman coliseum in brotherhood. Connor felt more assassin to me then edward did but i new from the start what would happen to edward so...i just wish it had happened early in blag flags. Sorry for the rambling but i really enjoy anything AC related.

DragonKnight2558d ago

I have to disagree. Connor was the problem. You don't have to understand anything about Native Americans to know that Connor's character was stale and he was pretty much an errand boy for the whole game. Haytham and Edward are better characters in my opinion.

Gamesgbkiller2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

You're right.

I think they should let Haytham be the main character instead of Connor.

Or just make a new game for him.

Nexus382558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I Agree and i think i have a very unpopular opinion, i've 100%'d every AC Game i love them all but in the end AC3 Will always be my favourite i loved the story, characters, environments, missions, great voice acting everything and how connor starts from nothing and kinda works his way up i love it, i am honestly suprised people think AC3 Is the worst. or maybe it's just me

3-4-52558d ago

I loved AC until I Played AC3.

One of the most frustrating games I've ever played.

Made me not want to even consider AC4 at all.

No I'm hearing AC4 is a really good game, but I must stand my ground and at least wait until the price drops.

I can't justify supporting them at full price after AC3.

Sketchy_Galore2558d ago

It really is crazy how Assassin's creed 3 was so horrible yet Assassin's creed 4 is brilliant despite being very similar. Even if I look past the weird Native American Forest Gump story and the terrible mission design, I just always felt like there was something to bum me out in AC3. I mean even if you just wanted to walk from one side of the street to another, there would be something there to make that experience the most frustrating one you've ever had. It actually felt like the game had been expertly crafted to intentionally cause the maximum frustration and annoyance possible, I wondered now and then if the game had actually been created by Templars as some kind of propaganda to make life as an Assassin look dull and needlessly infuriating.

AC4 on the other hand, I'm absolutely loving. I just spent hours playing and completed exactly one mission. It's just so easy to get sidetracked by general pirating and the many other fun activities on offer.

titans99992558d ago

Well, I don't understand all the AC3 hate...I loved the game and love AC4 even more.....I love this series in general!!!

CrossingEden2558d ago

I'll put the same comment that I put on the other article trying to milk this story.
"Perhaps the most interesting piece of this story to take away here is that the former employee also tells that the development team was so large not everyone knew exactly what was in the game."
-Um, this applies to AC2 aswell, plenty of grunt developers didn't know about some of the features in AC2, what does this guy expect if he's not a lead, you know, the people who're informed about everything that was in the game. A large amount of ubi developers didn't even know about the giant squid in AC2.n
-That's how triple A production on this scale works, does he think that the entire GTAV team knew about EVERY mission and that the same people worked on EVERY mission and asset of the game.
-Not to mention that if you read the actual reddit post, at the bottom you can find this tidbit.
"EDIT 2 Ok so I blatantly exaggerated some of my points (Tyranny was in development for longer than I said, a decent amount of people knew how Homestead worked), but keep in mind I typed this up in a fit of frustration in like 2 minutes. It's not a highly formulated, scathing critique on anybody. Take it with a grain of salt I suppose."
So basically what that means is that the entire post is filled with hyperbole because the developer was having a temper tantrum.
Grunts aren't nearly as informed as lead developers when it comes to the entirety of the project, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the development of one of the biggest games of the year.

optimus2558d ago

Wow if it wasn't for this article i had completely forgotten i have this game and have yet to finish it... The problem i had with it was that it got too repetitive and the missions were boring for the most part. The story was a bit convoluted, sometimes i would go back to my previous saves just to try to piece it together....

i would actually get bored playing it and searching for things took me forever it seemed...i found the ship battles boring and too long and i dreaded being forced to take them when the mission called for's actually the main reason why i skipped assassins 4 cause they said it had a lot more ship battles...

at this point the only way i would go back to a creed game is if they take it to the far east and put real assassins in ninjas... I would even settle for a samurai storyline.

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