Harrison declines to confirm March launch date for PlayStation 3

"I would not like to make any definitive statements"

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison has declined to offer a guarantee that the PlayStation 3 will hit Europe in March as previously announced.

In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, excerpts of which have been published on Sony's "semi-official" ThreeSpeech blog, Harrison said, "Given that all of our previous statements about launching in Europe simultaneously with the US and Japan turned out not to be the case, I would not like to make any definitive statements on that.

"It's not my job to comment on hardware supply issues other than to say some very smart people are working very hard to catch up," he continued.

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timmyp534452d ago

I don't know if its just this site but this site a zone for console wars from articles like this. It seems some people are desperately trying to create some anti-ps3 news(not you- thanks for clearing up the single sign on id to the PS network for everyone.) The threespeech site does not even make a huge headline out of this because they don't want to start flame war. Hopefull xbox fans don;t attempt to decieve the people who read this article. Read! the Three Speech article Phil harrison states that the ramp for supply and output was up just not in time for the global launch*. He may just be implying that he doesn't know the exact date in launch or w/e you don't know so shut it pleaz.

marionz4452d ago

newzealander is a good guy i know him personally and its a fair enough story since he and i are both from newzealand and wont see the ps3 till march...its news like it or not

DC RID3R4452d ago

been holding out on his/her next console aquisition, needs only a grain of sense to see that sony IS NOT READY!!!

whether it's launch games, online capabillities or the console in general, sony AREN'T on point!!!

the ps3 has ALREADY suffered 2 major release delays. if the fukin head of the european division can't even simply announce a european release date now, then what's the fukin point?!?

sony WILL be ready in 2008!!!! standard

but by then EVERYONE will be looking past them!!!


Daewoodrow4452d ago

seriously Phil, just tell us Europeans you personally guarantee it. What harm will one more lie do?

malachi234452d ago

Everyone who is on the bench over what console to get in Europe need to get the Xbox360!.

it has more games on the console and has far better games comming out for it than the you won't have to pay soo much money for a console that probally won't be out in Europe till like may IMHO anyway.

Although i'll probally buy a PS3..if i had to choose 1 of them it would be the Xbox360 HANDS DOWN!

Madmax12819804452d ago

Us Europeans Have Been Messed About Enough By Sony So They Better Get There Act Together!

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