Calm Down People – Nintendo Isn’t Replacing the Wii U

GaminRealm: "News came out earlier this month that Nintendo is working on at least one new piece of hardware for the next generation. Today, GaminRealm released an article reporting rumored specifications and plans for the both the next Nintendo handheld and home console. Despite the report focusing on the actual specifications of the machines, many of our readers instead discussed just how quickly Nintendo will replace the Wii U."

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EcoSos32704d ago

So this is the article for dummies lol

wonderfulmonkeyman2704d ago

It's a sad day for the community when things need to be simplified this much just for some people to get it, ya know?

ritsuka6662704d ago

Never believe what you read on the internet. WII U will survive.

Chrischi19882704d ago

Thank god, somebody has put an end to this hater bs.

Noone, who owns a Wii U and likes it, does want nintendo to go third party or abandon the Wii U, it would be the worst to happen for Nintendo. With innovation comes failure. I believe they can turn this around, nobody expects it to be more successful than PS4, success for a console doesnt mean higher sales then its competitors, it means making profit, to make profit, the install base has to grow a little more, to become profitable for 3rd Parties and then the console has reached, all it needs to. If I can play CoD normal online, without restrictions or anything, then I dont care if I play it on Xbox1, PS4 or Wii U for that matter, I know a lot of people see it different, but really, like with PCs, you get a new one, if your old PC just cannot play the new games anymore and not if it cannot play it at highest settings.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2704d ago

You know if people actually believe this rumor, it will = less sales for the WiiU-

Because people will wait for the new System.

It is sad that so many believe this nonsense-
-I wouldn't doubt that this is part of an organized attempt to drag Nintendo into 3rd Party-ville.