Five Emotional Moments (In Games You Wouldn’t Expect)

Hardcore Gamer: As gamers, we’re all familiar with emotional moments in our games. Developers are no stranger to putting traces of emotion in them and some have even pioneered new ways to tug at our heartstrings. But some games do that without any warning. If you’re happily jumping around in a platformer or tackling a goofy-looking boss creature in an adventure game, you would never expect someone to unload some really heavy subject material in between the cheers of joy or colorful scenery. They catch you off guard in every manner of the sense. Here are five emotional moments from games that you would never expect to be shedding tears while playing.

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UnHoly_One3301d ago

Gears of War spoiler warning

I don't agree with the choice of the Dom and Maria moment.

Dom sacrificing himself in the third game was far more of a tearjerker.

LoveOfTheGame3301d ago

IDK, for some reason the Dom Maria moment always gets me and is still the only video game to ever make me tear up. Hell it's the only thing in entertainment that has made me tear up since I was 6.

I still get a good chuckle every time I read someone say that Gears of War is just a dudebro game with no story. You can always tell they never played it.

Aleithian3300d ago

My wife and I played that series together, and she BAWLED when that scene occurred. I mean genuine sobs. She's such an empathetic person :)

3300d ago
WeAreLegion3301d ago

The Dom Maria moment was a killer. Great twist.

WeAreLegion3301d ago

I feel like the author missed the actual sad parts of Portal 2.

Aleithian3300d ago

In hindsight, this scene doesn't surprise me. But at the time I wasn't expecting a scene of such power: The Sniper Wolf death scene in MGS. That shook me up. I mean, the game was obviously emotional, and there were scenes before that with significant emotional content (e.g. Meryl being shot, the torture sequence, etc). But they didn't really impact me too much. But when Sniper Wolf told her story and Snake did his thing, I almost cried.

DCfan3300d ago

Not to mention Otacon's feelings towards her while seeing her die.

Aleithian3300d ago

I'd totally forgotten that! I need to play that game again.

sprinterboy3300d ago


Chokey moment with giraffe scene in tlou after winter scene