Pre Order Trailer Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

Check out the new Pre Order Trailer for Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare that is coming exclusively to XboxOne and Xbox360. The game is a 3d person tower defence game where you and a bunch of your friends online stave off attacking Zombie waves and try to hold out till Crazy Dave comes and rescues you in the Time Machine Caravan.

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MitchConcannon1732d ago

I gotta be honest. I am kinda hyped for this game. Would I buy a XboxOne for it? That remains to be seen. It reminds me of a game called Team Buddies back on the PlayStation 1. Another game that a niche audience got behind.

truefan11732d ago

Yes I'm pumped for this game, usually not my type of game, but this seems fun.

Bigpappy1732d ago

Reminds me of Knockers by Rare (squirrels VS bears). They just need to add some swearing and they would fool people that this game is by Rare.

JohnApocalypse1732d ago

It is coming to 360 but I wish I could play it on my PS4

_QQ_1732d ago

I didn't realize this was an exclusive :( i was hoping it was coming to PC when it was announced.

jackanderson19851732d ago

It's exclusive for a period of time. Think it's been rumored at around 6 months

bobsmith1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

its only timed exclusive
it said play it first on xbox like cod map packs
only $30 on 360 and $40 on xbone

Ashby_JC1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

I just assumed it was $60

Ill pick it up for $40.

I wonder if it will be available digitally. I may do that for the first time.

nikrel1732d ago

I hope this comes to the PS4, would be nice to play with my son.

JohnApocalypse1732d ago

I hope this turns out good, I could use a multiplayer shooter that's not military themed

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