One Hit Pixel Review: Bravely Default

One Hit Pixel: "When a beloved franchise loses its way like a misguided former child celebrity, it becomes the talk of the town. So when a classic franchise such as Final Fantasy lost its way in a maelstrom of poor decisions, including the most horrendous Free-to-Play scam devised on iOS and with its best game in years being a music themed retro love-letter, you know that there are legions of fans looking for that spark that made the franchise famous. After all, the games began as turn-based affairs, before revolutionising JRPGs forever with the ATB (Active Time Battle) mechanic. Fans will debate forever as to when that series lost its way, but is Bravely Default the game that restores Square Enix – the long usurped king of JRPGs, to the throne?"

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Square Enix hopes to continue the Bravely Default series, but will take a few years

Bravely Default 3 could come to fruition as series producer Tomoya Asano has indicated in a new interview that the series will continue.

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Metabeard1023d ago

Bravely Default 2 was a step backwards compared to the first two games. Story was not nearly as good, quality of life features reduced to bare bones nothing. The grinding required is about 10 times worse then previous games. I have no idea who was behind the ideas but they basically went. What made the first games so great. Okay remove that.


Bravely Default 2 is Coming to Steam Next Week

Bravely Default 2 is coming to PC through Steam next week.

Outlawzz1033d ago

Already got this on switch but can we get the first two on there, haven't played those


Why Bravely Default Had a Better Opening Than Bravely Default 2’s Story

KeenGamer: "While Bravely Default 2's story provides an uncannily similar opening to its predecessor, the original possesses a few key features to give it an edge. From the narrative, to the introductions of characters, this article summarises the distinctions in the game's openings that puts the original on top."

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