Gears of War: Ranked "Friends" Games Coming Soon?

As you may know already, Gears of War's versus multiplayer mode puts you with (and against) players of approximately the same skill level, making impossible for you to play with your friends as you did in Halo 2.

Sound illogical that a team-based shooter like Gears doesn't let you play with your friends but Epic Games already explained this is due to a requirement by Microsoft to avoid cheating on Xbox Live.

GamerAndy got the chance to play some matches with Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games, and asked him about the whole situation. Rein explained why you can't join ranked games in Gears of War with your friends and let slip that this may change with a future update:

"Microsoft came to us and said there would be a lot of cheaters if we did it that way so for right now this is how it is. In the future we might roll out some additional functionality."

That sounds like Epic is really considering upgrading Gears' versus multiplayer modes so you can play ranked games with your buddies.

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THWIP4458d ago

...but I do hope they improve the options to allow for 1-on-1 matches. That's my favorite thing with COD2....sneaking around a large level, hunting each other down.

gdblose4458d ago

To me the pregame lobby on this sucks right now. I can't believe that they would allow the host to kick anybody out of the game at any time or what's the deal with being able to switch teams back and forth. Just let it decide for you who's on which team and just play the game. Like a Halo lobby. That's just my opinion tough. But none the less this game is crazy sick.

TheBeginningOfTheEnd4458d ago

they should add UNRANKED games with ur buddies, that way u can have fun and stop some cheating

dork4458d ago

there is unranked friend matches ^^


Exactly..use the halo 2 lobby system where it takes your 4 friends and randomly pairs it against 4 other couldnt cheat that way..

ANd so what if someone cheats and gets achievement points? they dont do anything..they are pointless numbers

Sphinx4458d ago

I just played some 1on1 tonight against a friend from work who got the game the same day as me. It was pretty sick... we went through most the levels (until I had to leave to come to class, where I am now) and we'd search it, learning the ins and outs, and where the better weapons were, then we'd battle.
P.S. Look me up on GOW, my gamertag is UnmaskedHero

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The story is too old to be commented.