The Jimquisition: Why So Serious?

Jim makes a point about humor and defensive fandoms the only way he knows how - by dressing up in silly costumes and exploiting tired old film references.

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Swiggins3302d ago

Certain N4G members might see a few familiar faces in this.

Dude makes a point.

LOGICWINS3302d ago

A few years back I made a joke on a site that I found through N4G praising Nathan Drake for his climbing abilities and his knack for killing minorities in UC1. Afterwards I wrote something along the lines of "Excellent mascot for Sony"

A few minutes later I received two replies.

The first one said: "Log off and play Gaylo with ur Green Ranger helmet"

The second said: "Go back to your cave Greenberg!!"

Its amusing tbh. Uncharted is one of my favorite gaming franchises of all time...yet making a joke about the protagonist clearly makes me a Halo/Power Rangers enthusiast lol.

Swiggins3302d ago

I've had similar reservations about the series, but Uncharted remains one of the best series in gaming imo, I love them.

However, there's a mentality (among all fanboys not just Sony) that if you say ANYTHING negative about an exclusive, you're a shill for the enemy team.

LOGICWINS3302d ago

Right. This mentality extends FAR beyond Sony or even gaming in general. Some people only see black and white, gray areas don't exist.

A timely example would be minimum wage. If I were to say that I was against having the minimum wage increased, then I would be perceived by some as "being against the little guy". The reality is the opposite. I'm in fact very concerned about the little guy since increasing the minimum wage may hurt/discourage the creation of new small businesses that can't afford to pay employees a $10/hr wage.

-Foxtrot3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago ) it dosen't happen the other way round

I mentioned once how the Halo 4 multiplayer didn't look as good as past Halo games before it came out (was it this site or another who knows) and I was disagreed to death and called for it.

Guess what...the multiplayer isn't as good as past Halo games and a month or so later an article comes out how 2 million or so players had left Halo 4s online, everyone then agrees in the comments even one or two who called me. Why is it when it's Sony, MS, Nintendo or any game in general that is gaining hype or is a popular franchise you get called for judging the game before you've played on it, if you can see it and others can't then why should my opinion not matter. Uncharted 3s online was the same and most people now can agree Uncharted 2s was better. Hell even some people called me for saying RE6 looked crap before it was released and how Capcom were still lying about the horror.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME3302d ago

Log off and play Gaylo with ur Green Ranger helmet

GarrusVakarian3302d ago

Lol, even i made fun of the crowd in GT6, dem elbows.

Haha, Do you see!?!? *low res face with cross eyes* DO YOU SEE!?!?!?!

LOGICWINS3302d ago

" it dosen't happen the other way round"

Uve validated the argument this video is making...and you don't even see it.


I never argued that it didn't happen the other way around. I was simply talking about my personal experience. You veered off into an entirely different argument lol.

GrizzliS19873302d ago

gt6 my favorite game last year, but dammmmmmmmmmmmm are those models ugly lolol hopefully gt7 turns around and trolls everyone with like 100k poly models and advertises it on the back of the box

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PSjesus3302d ago

Jim buttheart a little here ,fanboysem is far more better and elegant than the shitty (Professional Gaming Journalism ) in their late 30s with the mentality of 16 yo teenager mom

memots3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Jim's always make's a valid point. He is one of the few level headed gaming personality that isn't bias.

Lost a bubble makings jokes. ( and using the F word out of excitement )

We are all trolls on N4g somehow.

fossilfern3302d ago

Its just the internet in general. If your opinion does not conform then you will be treated as a heretic. Me not liking Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us or even Tomb Raider is enough to get disagreed to death even though its my own opinion.

Sometimes I dont know why I bother trying to have a constructive debate with people on the internet.

SynestheticRoar3302d ago

WOW. This site set off my virus detector with a quickness.

Swiggins3302d ago

Which one are you using? The Escapist never gives me any alerts.

Ducky3302d ago

That's surprising.
I wasn't expecting the site to become viral so quickly.

palaeomerus3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

It's a bit of a confused or at least mixed message.

I'm edgy! I'm fearless! And if you don't like it then lighten up pal!

No, wait, I changed my mind! Have you no decency? SCUM! You're horrible and everything you do is shameful!

No wait, I'm edgy again! Let's talk about animals humping each other to a pop song.

Huh? Gross! Why are you people such deranged sickening backward cretins? Do you not know the meaning of good taste and maturity?

No wait! Now it's time for several dick jokes including one about dripping gonorrhea discharge! Because that's shocking and shocking is fun! Have a sense of humor!Don't let people tell you what to say!

WHAT? OMG I can't believe you just said that! You pathetic sicko monster!

Ha Ha! Now after lecturing you on manners, I'm crapping on a guy's car and that's funny because his car has my stinky dirty crap on it! I bet he doesn't like that! LOL!

And on and on and on.

It's the whole disingenuous "I'm a rebel screwing with the man, no wait now I'm a cop" sin wave.

And mainly it's just about cynically stirring the poop to get outrage hits because when it comes to monetizing online stuff, controversy and provocation are almost a substitute for interesting content sometimes.