Six of the Most Overpowered Weapons in Video Game History

Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Plenty of video games throughout history have featured weapons that allow the player to absolutely annihilate anything in their path. These game-breakingly overpowered weapons are often a blast to use, but negate can negate any challenge that the player might have had to overcome."

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tigertron2503d ago

The Halo god pistol. Man that was lethal.

guitarded772503d ago

Once again, another list of overpowered weapons and no Mr. Toots. Shame.

kabala2503d ago

That Halo CE pistol was lethal!

ZeoN2503d ago

"Step on my pubes!"-Stewie Griffin

MajorGecko2503d ago

Oh man the Far Sight from Perfect Dark, I remember that btch used to auto track targets while shooting thru walls.

Dynasty20212503d ago

L85A2 from DayZ?

M16A3 from Battlefield 3?

Come on man.

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The story is too old to be commented.