Indie OUYA Game Follow-Up Coming to Wii U

Team Kakumei has announced on Reddit that it’s bringing its OUYA game Wrecking Balls Arena to the Wii U under the name Wrecking Balls Arena DX. Team Kakumei also announced on Twitter that they are officially a Wii U developer now. The indie game will be coming to the OUYA and the Wii U sometime in 2014.

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modesign3802d ago

i always laugh when i walk past the ouya's at target, because the supply never changes, if they put out 5 consoles, those 5 will be in the same spot 1,2,3,4 weeks later.


10 Weirdest Game Consoles of All Time

From systems that could keep your beer cool, to oddities trying to get in on the popularity of VHS and laserdisc, you’ve got some very, very weird video game consoles out there.

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darthv7275d ago

I had the LaserActive... it was a nice collectors piece but not very practical. Especially when it came to needing recapping. I think i paid all of about $50 for the floor model from an incredible Universe back in the day. I ended up selling it many years later for $300 at the time due to it needing a new laser and the aforementioned recapping.

An honorable mention not on the list would be the VM Labs Nuon. It basically looked like any regular DVD player but it had ports on it for controllers to play specific games. one of which is still exclusive to it with Tempest 3000. It also offered nuon enhanced DVD movies with extra content not accessible by regular players.

_Decadent_Descent75d ago

Wasn't there some KFC console, or am I mistaken?

CoNn3rB75d ago

It was announced but it never actually came out as far as I know


History Lesson: The consoles that ‘failed’

Virtual Boy, Sega Nomad, Ouya and the other troubled game systems that nobody bought.

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Wasabi1635d ago

How has this article missed out Sega's Dreamcast and Nintendo's Wii U, two consoles that were actually superb devices in their own right, but were seen as failed due to lacklustre sales at the time of release?

Knightofelemia1635d ago

Wonder how long before Stadia appears on the list surprised the Ngage is not on that list

william_cade1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I enjoy these kinds of articles.

rlow11634d ago

Talk about a blast to the past.......I remember trying the virtual boy at Toy R Us and it was cool but I did feel slightly disoriented afterwards......good article.


OUYA marketplace revived from the dead by internet archivists

The Ouya, a failed Android gaming console from early in this generation, is getting a second lease on life thanks to Internet archivists and some new software.

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Double_O_Revan1666d ago

That's pretty cool they were able to bring it back. It sucks when something online only gets killed.

I got mine when it first launched, however it wasn't good for anything other than retro emulation. I couldn't sell the thing fast enough. Managed to get almost all my money back selling it on eBay.

Xaywhat1666d ago

Just let go homies. It was DOA

JEECE1666d ago

I guess the Stadia launch is bringing back memories of other failed consoles/services.