Silicon Knights to Use Wwise for Too Human

Silicon Knights announced today it will use Audiokinetic's WaveWorks Interactive Sound Engine for the development of Too Human, a third-person action-game powered by Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 technology.

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power of Green 4454d ago

I wouldn't doubt this tittle it will be a killer App and if isn't i wont come back to this site after it releases, this is a sleeper AAA. 1 down(GoW) 15 to go.

Dlacy13g4454d ago

this title had a ton of promise ...and a very bad showing at E3. That said, they made some great decisions to push back the release and work on it from what I read that e3 build really was not representative of the final game at all.

This is definitely on my "ones to watch" list.

candystop4454d ago

I have a good feeling about this game and think that 2007 is just going to be a crazy year for 360 owners! Even the multiplayer on this game just sounds like lots of fun!

DJ4454d ago

We'll see if they finally got a handle on the hardware.

Donkey Slayer4454d ago

Also glad they delayed it.. Rushed releases aren't cool.

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