PS Vita PLAY: 4 New Vita Games, PS Plus discounts and more

Posted by Sharon Kapitula // Platform Marketing, SCEA : "Hello! Since 2014 is a brand new year, we wanted to introduce a brand new PlayStation Store program to start it off with a bang. I’m excited to announce PS Vita PLAY, our new four-week program featuring a rad lineup of PS Vita games, exclusive discounts for PS Plus members and special offers."

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WeAreLegion3293d ago

Getting $8 off DBZ already? Sweet!

ABizzel13293d ago

I'm so sick of these sales :D

SpadeX3293d ago

Said no gamer ever :D

WitWolfy3293d ago

Let me rephrase then... I'm sick of these sales not coming to my country!!!

HighResHero3293d ago

Well this is nice to see. :]

Pillsbury13293d ago

This is the first time I want to get a game because of the soundtrack: dust force.

kB03293d ago



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The story is too old to be commented.