Gears of Wars 2 : new images have published new images from Gears of War 2 which are from the video released this morning.

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Vespertine3817d ago

I prefer the video footage, but screenshots are always nice.

DiabloRising3817d ago

I much prefer "real" screenshots like these to the doctored up, insanely high resolution and AA/post processed "official" photos that game companies put out these days. (God of War 2 had a resolution in release photos to rival a 360 game.)

Gears 2 looks good, but has that nasty plastic U3 engine look still. I just hope the gameplay is better.

niall773817d ago

its totally a UnrealE3 games but bigger and with more bloom

Atomic3817d ago

this is not 2006 anymore , graphics have evolved a long time ago

JasonPC360PS3Wii3816d ago

Have "anything" on the PS3 "released" that have evolved beyond this? Have anything this year that have evolved beyond this? Where is it? Whats it called? when does it come out? How do I find it? can I play it soon? Killzone is that your answer? where is Killzone? can I play it? can you play it? Why does Gears 2 look better than Greyzone 2 when thats supposed to be the example of great graphics on the PS3? Cartoons of War...... awww are you jealous because Xbox gams arn't in black and white like old WWII movies, like you see on the PS3?

So thats a no to all those questions? ok then shut your whiny, crying, baby bottle, poopy diaper, petition signing, sh!ty multiplatform port, installing 5gb, freezing, disc read error, PSN WHO?, have no f**king games, 3rd place in console, 3rd place in games, 3rd place in online, no cross game chat, no friends list, no custom soundtracks, no DLC, last gen graphic, still playing 2007 games, Delaystation 3, incredible shrinking 2008 game lineup, no rumble, sixaxis canned, no online store, and pay $40 for f**king demos ass up... and look at what a real game looks like (and it's in color too)

"Xbox sucks, everything about Xbox sucks, we hate it but we keep asking Sony to give us what Xbots have" achievements/accomplishments XMB/soundtracks/DLC/friends list/cross chat/games. Sound like people we all know? Sony's entire fansbase is a bunch schizophrenic whining cry baby's.

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The story is too old to be commented.