Phil Harrison Interview

The UK's official PlayStation mag is set to run an interview with Phil Harrison (street date for issue: November 15). Via PlayStation hold of some excerpts. To repeat, it's in the official mag but there is some interesting comment.

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HiSpeedSoldier614454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

Downloads were announced by Sony at the Tokyo Game Show and discussed in futher detail at Sony Gamers Day on October 19, so when Sony eventually makes all of this content available over PNP, xbox idiots shouldn't run their mouths about Sony copying Microsoft, even though it appears that common sense isn't all to common with any of them but hey, I expect nothing less.


Grown Folks Talk4454d ago

talked about this before they launched/will launch. some people just don't pay attention. microsoft still has their partnership with direct tv to unviel. i'm sure both companies have plans that nobody knows about besides a select few. should be good times for all.