Shooting fish is worse than shooting people? According to Naughty Dog, yes

You can shoot plenty of human enemies in Uncharted, but the fish are a no-go, as Evan explains:
"We had hit reactions and even some death animations for the wildlife in the game but we chose to remove it. It was flagged as a potential issue by the ESRB and it seemed like a small concession to make in order to maintain our "Teen" rating. It may have also affected the rating in Europe."

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Hellsvacancy3815d ago

i remember back when i played hitman 2 for the first time - at the beginning of the game when your at the church the first thing i did was shoot the birds flying over and the pigs in the pen it ands realism

Amanosenpai3814d ago

Well, i didnt see any parrot or monkey wearing AK 47s LoL...

Mr_Kuwabara3814d ago

Yeah when I was on the Plant chapter on MGS2 I killed pretty much all the birds surrounding that area (those bastards kept on pooping me!).

Got a call from Rose about what I was doing, she was PISSED!

Panthers3814d ago

Well yea, killing animals is so much worse than people...

at least according to animal rights activists.

Skerj3814d ago

Dude, a friend of mine argued with me that a dog's life was more important than a human's. Not in the way that I'd choose a dog to live if the human was like a pedophile or something (because the dog would win), just a regular dog and a regular person.

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WildArmed3815d ago

I guess they coulda put it in there anywayz, I mean the people who wanted uncharted got the game regardless of the age restriction.
But, Uncharted didnt get hurt by removing it, its still a great game.

season0073815d ago

and you kill a fish you see a creepy hole on a dead fish and it can look horrible...i can't say anything about removing these animations from the game

Relcom3814d ago

"Ok ok we will let the human granade thing go thats not bad but your gonna have to take out that part where the character steps on ants. Kids will play this for god sakes! You guys are Sick!"

CrazyMystical3814d ago

im just hoping for a day when a Jack Thomson look-a-like is in a game, so(LIE) i can drive him around the town & have some fun together.

now that i think the esrb will allow

Alcohog3814d ago

I always wished I could shoo that parrot or those monkeys.

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The story is too old to be commented.