Once Again, Baseball Sends Up A Pinch-Hitter On The Xbox

For the second straight year we've gotten a January surprise with regards to baseball video games. And for the second straight year, it only nominally keeps Xbox as a relevant platform for Major League Baseball fans.

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DanielGearSolid3233d ago

The MVP series was epic... I'm almost happy MLB 2k failed... Hopefully the MLB sees how much that deal killed their brand on certain consoles

If only the same thing would happen in the NFL..
NFL 2k5 was so much better than Madden

TrueJerseyDevil3231d ago

How was NFL 2k better than Madden?

You know why NFL 2k isnt around anymore right? Because madden outsold it badly and the deal was the lower selling game would not be able to continue making NFL games anymore. If 2k was better why didnt it sell better than madden any year that it was out? Because it sucked thats why.

Idk why people say its better than madden. Madden isnt thr best game by any means but 2k makes the worst sports games ever.

optimus3231d ago

That's not exactly true... The real reason 2k sports doesn't have the nfl is because EA has a hell of a lot more money than sega and paid a lot of money for the license. Also at the time of nfl 2k EA saw that madden was not selling as well as it once did probably due to nfl 2k being priced at $20 brand new.

rdgneoz33231d ago

"You know why NFL 2k isnt around anymore right?"

Because EA signed an exclusive deal with the NFL?

Here's a quote from another article: "Back in 2004, Sega's well-regarded NFL 2K5 made waves by launching at $19.99, undercutting Madden 2005's more traditional $49.99 price point. EA lowered the price of its game to $29.95 before signing the exclusive NFL license later that year, and returning to the standard $49.99 price point for Madden 2006 the next year."

Gotta love EA...

DanielGearSolid3231d ago

Wow... I've never seen such an epic fail comment in my life

TrueJerseyDevil3231d ago

I am happy with the exclusive deal because EA has money and can hire more people make the game and have great servers which is a huge problem of 2k's the . Nfl 2k games were horrible only good thing about them was the presentatiom.

Yo Mama3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

People like you are the reason EA makes hardly any effort in improving Madden. They need to take a year or two off so that they can develop a better engine before finally having two different teams similar to how Call of Duty does with IW and Treyarch. This yearly cycle doesn't give them time to do anything meaningful.

BlackTar1873231d ago

Jersey Deveil,

EA servers are awful. I mean awful.

TrueJerseyDevil3231d ago

I agree they havent improved much in years but madden 25 is in my opinion the best one to date and a good first step into the next generation. We have to see how the ignite engine pans out, it has promise but i am still not sure about it. If u think the servers are bad you are an idiot, i have not lost connection to the ea servers for a long time and have not lagged out of an online game. They used to be bad yes but not anymore

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WeAreLegion3231d ago

It'll be on phones, too. Don't get your hopes up.

wynams3231d ago

I'll be playing the show, on my ps4 ... by Independence Day (i hope)