Gears of War 2: Gameplay Gorefest

The trailer of Gears of War 2 is finally up, and all rabid fanboy's are already clutching each others necks to showcase the spectacular might of this hotly anticipated sequel. So the question that arises in everyone's mind is that does it live upto the hype of the original game and does it take steps to improve and recreate the notion of humanity falling weak on its knees.

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power of Green 3903d ago

Short commings?, he says this about a demo of a Driving level?; what Cliffy calls a Hollywood scene(which is an CPU driven interactive scene in this sequel) thats not reflective of the core game/play

(like the tank level in the first one but CPU driven and epic). Then he goes on to say its a build thats 6 months old?.

lol Like in most games the specail scenes are not as polished as the core game anyways you really think Gow's core gameplay will be out in an wide open environment the whole game?. That *driving level* won't be reflective of the polish of the core game regardless if this guy really knows this is a 6 months old build or 5 days.

100003903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

This game is a AAA title and a system seller for Microsoft, so they are going to puch this game to the extreme so that it achieves at least a part of the Halo 3 over hype syndrome, not that the game is bad in any way, but they are going to take special care of Gears 2

Tmac3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

This game isn't a system seller, while it IS a reason to get a Xbox 360 the proof is when Gears of War had its first debut. There was no sales spike, this is even more evident in Halo 3, in 2007 PS3 still outsold Xbox 360 by 1.5 million consoles, even with the hyperbole Halo 3 managed to create.

Edit: You can disagree all you like, it doesn't make it any less fact.

Cwalat3903d ago

to me Gears doesn't need to be hyped...
Gears 1 proves that...

but in all honesty... Graphically, this is not a big leap from Gears1.. the gameplay, framerate, story.. seems to be tons better.

MS does one thing good, and that's hyping their games and making them system sellers....

Gears2 won't sell alot of 360's IMO, it will sell MILLIONS of software.. but not hardware..

The hardcore fans are already there on 360.. so this won't be hardware seller..

i JUST wish MS weren't so stuborn and would release it on PC aswell...

kazuma3903d ago

oh relax in 2009 it will be out on the pc

Cwalat3903d ago

Kazuma.. :P


it will come out on PC, but wanted it this year, not 10 months after :P

HighDefinition3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Which isn`t a bad thing. Sales wise.....this is what I gotta say, when Gears1 first came out there was little to NO competition. This time it`ll be going against.....

1. The PS3 which is always selling more hardware than 360 now.

2. Little Big Planet (has a serious chance to be GOTY and is out the same time)

3. Resistance 2 (Is seriously "steppin it up")

4. Killzone 2 (in Febuary)

Gears2 will sell lots, but it`s gonna be a BIT tougher than last time. To think it won`t be tougher for it this time around, would be dillusional.

kazuma3903d ago

oh if u put it that way...well m$ wants the game to sell some more 360's so i guess that's out of the question, what they should really do is release halo3 on the pc, with good graphics not the mess that halo2 was

HighDefinition3903d ago

"Things will be different" LOL.

But seriously Gears looks and plays great, but there is ALOT of competition this time around. Not so much, the first time.

Sayai jin3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

@Tmac- "This game isn't a system seller, while it IS a reason to get a Xbox 360" LOL. That comment does not make much sense. As far as a sales spike wit Gears of War, your wrong. Not only was there a sales spike in hardware and obviously software, Xbox live witness a 20 to 30% spike in live subscription...and no not the free one, but gold. Honestly, I could care less if it is a system seller as I do not own stock in either companies, but I do like great games and like it or not this one is shaping up to be another blockuster. BTW I did not give you a disagree, I do not give disagreea when someone expresses their opinion.

mistertwoturbo3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

I'm going to have to disagree. Gears is a system seller. It should be. It's a much better reason than Halo 3 to buy a X360. Gears 2 is also a perfect reason to get one too. It would also make the most kick butt gift, X360 with Gears 1 and 2 together, whoever gets it will love it!

And to HD, keep in mind Gears sold 3-5 million. Those same people who bought gears 1 is going to buy gears 2, and the install base for the 360 is bigger this time around. It's going to sell just fine.

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LaChance3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

is by far the biggest game this year.

way ahead of MGS4 and it looks like Res 2 just got knocked off the radar.

70% of comments Ive seen in Geow 2 threads were related to KZ2 ( funny huh ! )

Nobody ever mentioned Res 2.

Res 2 is Geow 2 rival not KZ2.

By the way after seing the trailer for Geow 2 I really dont see why would anybody ( sony and 360 fans ) would want KZ 2 instead especially if you know who are behind the 2 games etc.

Geow 2 along with Too Human , BK 3 , NG 2, Fable 2 , Alan Wake and Infinite undiscovery and guess where the "variaty" is this time around.

Geez for a newcomer MSFT is doing one hell of a job with the 360 , might just be at the end of its lifetime better than the PS2 was which to this day is the best console Ive been able to see the launch and "death" ( I mean we moved on to next gen ). If the 360 carrys on like this it might just become my new "PS2"

@TAMAC : lol , nan I said it "might" and only if they carry on like this. And no I dont "shoot the gun early". All those saying KZ2 is gonna be GREAT are shooting thegun too eearly because If you take away the graphics KZ is a void piece of nothing for thr moment , maybe Im being harsh but man its the truth.

Tmac3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

I think your a little ahead of yourself. Fanboy's always tend to shoot the gun early.

You haven't even played Killzone 2, how is what your saying truth?

360sucks3903d ago

the tree are not even green
they are gray
plus it looks just like gow 1

HighDefinition3903d ago

Single Player, It`s a different engine than the MP one. So..Hold that thought until June.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33903d ago

GeoW is not far ahead of MSG4, if it is ahead at all. Some of the effects in MSG4(snakes chameleon camo, the realistic flames) aren't even possible on 360.

Resistance2 is more of a rival to Halo than Gears. R2 is a twitch shooter. Just because R2 and GeoW2 come out the same time doesn't make them rivals.

Not to mention this looks more like Gears1.5. Thats not a bad thing, but its nowhere near as fresh as KZ2. For that reason alone KZ2 is a hell of alot more appealing (not to mention the better graphics, more realistic destruction, better effects).

PS Damn son, could you be anymore on MS's nuts? Blind devotion is one thing, but you take it to another level. To call the 360 the next PS2 is just plain ignorant.

Enjoy your 2 measly bubbles.

Ace Ventura3903d ago

Only in your dreams, Xbox 360 fanboy.

alexM3902d ago

KZ2 has killed all hype for XBREAK 3 FIX ME


MGS4/LBPs' EU sales would be >>>GEARS2 WW saless

RESISTANCE 2 would also sell more than GEARS2 since by its release PS3 would have surpassed x360's LTD WW ( only 4m behind at the moment)


biggest game and on X360?????????????????

It is not 2005 . It is 2008 where there is competition.

PS3's big hitters will eat away GAYERS 2

since PS3's games sell a lot in JAPAN and EU especially MGS4 and LBPO which will be million sellers worldwide

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Evil Rant Monkey3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

<This video defiantly shook up the droid tree!)

wass0073903d ago

hahahahahaha u mean like how killzone 2 shook up the xbot tree

Evil Rant Monkey3903d ago

<At least I don't shake it to KZ2!)

BLUR1113903d ago

I thought gears 2 and fall of man 2 was the battle, ooh i guess cuz gears of war destroys resistance.

AngryXbot3903d ago

Thats why. And dont kid yourself. If GOW2 vid was anything to go by for the final product, then it doesnt even touch 10% of what Killzone 2 is doing. Killzone 2 is miles and miles and lightyears ahead. GOW2, or should I say, GOW 1.5 is fastly turning into a Halo 2.5

This vid was supposed to shook our tree? Thats funny, Im in a state of "we pwned you xbots" state right now. How come lmao.

Cos the vid was utterly and massively disappointing.

HighDefinition3903d ago

NONE of us have seen R2`s SP engine, which is entirely different than the MP one. So wait till JUNE, BTW the MP one looks GREAT and has 60 people compared to GEARS2 5 on 5, maybe 6 on 6 max.

Nadine Coyle3903d ago

i can argue that we have not seen hardly any of gears of war 2 yet.
a 2 minute in game footage is alot.yes it can demenstrate what it could be like but we have seen nothing really. no co-op no multiplayer and no campaign really.

so i bet some more videos are going to be released before we can make detailed arguments and comparisons.

alexM3902d ago

Look at this

It is ovaaa for GEARS2 ...looks BACKDATED pile of trash vs KZ2


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MK_Red3903d ago

Gore ROCKS! Can't wait for Gears 2.

Still wish MK vs DC had learned from Gears and hadn't ended up as a watered down T rated game.

HighDefinition3903d ago

and made it VIOLENT as POSSIBLE, to get their "shock value" back, like back in the day.

MK_Red3903d ago

Definitly agreed though I think the shock value's been gone for some time and the real fun of fatalities is their over the top feel IMO.

Still, no M rating and no fatalities SUCK :(

HighDefinition3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

I walked into the local ARCADE and looked over @ the original MK machine and saw Sub-Zero rip Kano`s head off. I was young, I`ll never forget it.