Geekpulp: Gears of War 2 Trailer Breakdown

Geekpulp takes a closer look at the first Gears of War 2 Trailer "Having played way too much of the original Gears, I am eagerly awaiting the sequel and thought that a break down of what we see in the trailer would be in order."

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Cadence3813d ago

it still look the same as the first one the only different in which i cannot really see it that much suppose to be the brightness i still say resistance 2 is gonna dominated this game.

InYourMom3812d ago

Get some glasses. The game is one of the best looking on consoles.

No suprise you mention Killzone, RFOM2 and have a KZ avatar.

This gaming is going to play, look and sell better than both of the above.

dale13812d ago

the owner of epic was right quote that cliffy b is a f*ckin d*ck head not bad but killzone is in its own league and resistance online 60 player takes gaming to the next level console wise

iceice1233812d ago

Does 60 player multiplayer take console gaming to the next level? The next level of console gaming=more players? That's pretty lame if that is all it is, considering Frontlines already has 50 player multiplayer. You have to remember more does not mean better, it just means....more.

kewlkat0073812d ago

some of what "shooters" on consoles are doing now bee n done on PC's for years.

Tell me what so innovative in Shooters on consoles that we have no seen on a PC Shooters?

Delusional gamers seem to think graphics and technical feats is what breed AAA games, when there is a lot more to it but they cling on that to feel better.

pp3812d ago

gears of war 2 graphically looks better than anything on ps3 at the moment only partially blinded ps3 fan boys can't tell the difference

Adriana Lima3812d ago

why don't you watch it again, Unreal Tourny 3 on PC looks better than that.

All geow2 is, is geow1 with more lightning.

Too bad you're blind.

alexM3812d ago

Not to mention UNCHARTED looks better than all X360 games

KZ2 murders x3FIX ME

Ace Ventura3812d ago

Keep dreaming. KZ2 is the best graphics and everyone knows it.

n00bPwner3812d ago

Oh, I'm sure you blind, braindead droids will be more than happy with Greyzone 2 and Metal Green Solid :)

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sock merchant3812d ago

I see the sony defence force has mobilized.

I am looking forward to Resistance 2 for sure. Killzone...C'mon guys the first game sucked big time. Gears is still one of the best if not the best looking current gen game. Gears 2 looks like it is building on some very good gameplay mechanics from the first, and looks more epic.

wAtdaFck3812d ago

So, by your analogy, because Nintendo's Gamecube absolutely crashed the last-gen console war, does this mean that their Wii was supposed to crash too?

Tell me when you've played Killzone 2, then I'll actually listen to you put it down because of its predecessor.

WIIIS13812d ago

IGN previewed KZ2, in a bad way. You listened to that? Thought not. Even when the reviews are mediocre as with most PS3 games, you'd still have excuses. Fools.

LevDog3812d ago

Once again another article not saying anything about the graphics...

HMM Why? well maybe its because we have seen the UNREAL ENGINE BEFORE..

And no PP that trailer still doesnt look as good as Uncharted Sorry.. and your saying at the moment as if the game is out already...

That trailer falls way behind the KZ2 gameplay trailer.. WAY WAY behind..

I can tell the difference in both Gears.. GOW2 is better but only by a small margin

When are you gonna quit lying to yourself??

alexM3812d ago

KZ2 kills GEARS2

However RESISTANCE 2 >>>>>> GEARS 2 also

We have a lot of games this year---MGS4/LBP/WKS/SOCOM

Unlike you XTARDS who have nothing tom play on RRODBOX 3FIXME

mesh13812d ago

SOME 1 PLEASE BRING MAKE A THREAD ABOUT THESE SCREENS IT WAS Captured on the tv version using a hd signal these screeen telll a lot can some tell me what look sbetter this or killzone 2 ps we need more of these type of gears of war 2 pic on this site as they are in all forums and sites except this 1 strange

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