Oblivion PS3 Delayed

Oblivion isn't going to make the PS3 launch period - while originally sheduled to hit stores on 21st Novemeber, it has now been moved to a rather vague "Q1 2007." Meanwhile, adding insult to injury for Sony, "Knights of the Nine" - the extra content the PS3 version adds - will still hit PC and 360 on the 21st.

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Islandkiwi4453d ago

Most people won't have a PS3 by then anyway. If you want to play Oblivion that bad, buy the 360. Get Gears of War while you're at it.

But if you do wait for the PS3, I'd recommend Oblivion. I got like 80 hours of play out of it.

THWIP4453d ago

My wife and I clocked over 120 hours, with just one character. We probably spent another 30-40 between the 5 other characters we created.

Islandkiwi4453d ago

I never even finished the game. I loved it, but after so many hours (I didn't even get into the main quest that much) I needed to take a break. And I haven't been back yet. I need a lull of good may be a while (=

THWIP4453d ago

...we didn't complete a single mission from the main quest, until about 50 hours in. IMO, that's the best way to enjoy such a game...just play it your way, with no real agenda, and build your stats/attributes so you'll be well prepared. We were invincible, by the time we were near the end of the main quest. :D

THWIP4453d ago

It's only fair, since Beth made the PC/360 gamers wait as well. But I'm still not shelling out $10 , for content the PS3 will get for free....f*** that.

videl4453d ago

this is not confirmed, only best buy bs.

AP4453d ago

Straight from the Publishers; I called them earlier today.

THWIP4453d ago

...the PC/360 crowd was also in denial, when it was first rumored Oblivion wouldn't make launch after all.

DEIx15x84453d ago

That's cool, it makes having to pay for the expansion pack less of a thing to complain about. 360 and PC get it on day one and the ps3 has to wait for it, while waiting the game would drop in price like all games so it near the price no matter what you get it for.