Gears of War 2 'Assault Analysis' - ''We sweat all the little details so you don't have to.''

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wass0074951d ago

This was ment to be the 360's only hope this year :S lmao!!!!

solidt124951d ago

Gears 2 will be great, but after Gears 2 I think most hardcore players will pick up a PS3. There is not much coming out after that on the 360 that compares to the exclusives on the PS3.

Cadence4951d ago

still looks like the first one and i don't know does it really look the brighter, i still see it kinda gray and dark, o well i hope is a good game.

giovonni4951d ago

But, you make that sound like a bad thing. There was nothing wrong with Gears of war one, but I'm sure people will nit pick. Oh the Trees wasn't green enough. People. we looked at a 3min clip of the first level of an incomplete game. For all we know this could be the introduction to the game.

Valin4951d ago

............. Killzone 2 has been in development 6 years GeOW has been in development max 2 years. So it Killzone 2 isn't significantly better than Gears 2 all you have to do is look at the time investment.

giovonni4951d ago

Is Sony Hardest will find any reason not to like Geow2. It all starts with The 360 system. Let me Digress a little, When 360 came out it was " The Dream Cast" of the new gen, but Sony loyalist were proven wrong. Then came excuses. when this game comes out, this game will blow this out the water, etc.
Then came the, well Gears of war had no comp at the time, so Gears 2
will have a hard time being game of the year because there is comp. Now, it's the game play feels and looks the same as the first one... Well duh, thats what made Gears good. I didn't hear no one complain when God of War II had the same basic mechanics as Part One with a little improvement over the first . I didn't hear no one complain about comp when God of War II was set to launch with games like Gears, Bio Shock, Ratchet and Clank in the market.
So, now lets look at the video clip with the above in mind. Now it's KZ2 looks better, Give it a rest!!! Gears 2 is going to sell in a market with more comp, and even if a game looks better its still going to sell. Stop complaining about how linear the game maybe, it looks like Gears 1.5. The action looks the same, the blood is gray nick nack patty wack B.S. Just accept what Gears is going to bring to the table, because it looks like it's going to be just as good or even better then the first.

gambare4951d ago

GeoW engine is the UT3 engine, and have the same development time

Yomiro4951d ago

GOW2 looks good. Why doesn't halo 3 look that good?

Bladestar4951d ago

mmmm... who knows... maybe because Halo is not made by Epic.... maybe because Epic always focus on graphics in order to promote their Game engine... maybe because Halo does not use the Unreal Engine.... maybe because Bungie is not a game engine maker.... maybe because Halo always focus on the online multiplayer and that's where it shines....

But one thing is clear... Halo 3 not looking being the best looking game ... was not because of the xbox 360 not being able to handle it... proven by Gears 2....

Destructive environment and the new features... will put Gears 2 as the Game of the year...