Lost Planet multiplayer demo flier in Gears box

6 Months ago, Capcom released the single player demo. Today, people already owning Gears of War, may have noticed the Capcom announcement flier in the box, saying "Check Out Xbox Live Marketplace For New Multiplayer Demo!". For those of you who actually went looking for it, in stead of playing Gears, you might have found out that there is no such demo yet, but to remind you: It has been announced.

Yesterday, Gamespot asked Capcom when it would arrive, they answered pretty vague:

"We will be announcing more details on the multiplayer demo shortly, so please stay tuned."

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Grown Folks Talk4455d ago

you already knew this. the mp trailer actually persuaded me to pick this game up, as i initially had no interest.

TheMART4455d ago

Ofcourse man. I even posted that story overhere about the video.

But it's nice to read though. From MS perspective it's a good marketingtrick because the people that buy Gears will also be interested in games like Lost Planet (and COD3, Bioshock etc.).

SO it's the targetgroup directly that is reached. And just before the launch of other consoles, they're focusing on the great content that's coming exclusive the coming months to the 360.

Agent VX4455d ago

As I have stated before on this game, I played the demo back a few months and I am absolutely going to get this game. And the latest trailer I downloaded from XBL has even got me more exited.

A definate must have game.