Judging a game by its music

Brandon Erickson writes:

''I finally started playing Devil May Cry 4 this week. Not bad overall. But after several hours of slashing away at unholy monsters I came upon a sudden realization: Devil May Cry 4's music really sucks. It's really, really horrible. In fact, it was actually getting in the way of my enjoyment of the game. Not only are there very few tracks, but the one track that gets played 90 percent of the time is extremely boring and repetitive. So all of this has got me thinking about the role that music plays in videogames.

For the purposes of this discussion, I'm not talking about music-themed games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band and such. Those are obviously all about music and the music ties right into the gameplay. What I'm talking about is games where the music is there purely for atmospheric effect or emotional underscoring. I'm thinking about games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, or God of War, or Resident Evil 4, or the Final Fantasy series. Although the music in these games has no influence on gameplay, it's clear (to me at least) that these games wouldn't have been quite as good if they didn't have such great soundtracks.''

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pwnsause3866d ago

DMC4's music was awesome, the music is supposed to make you to get pumped and crazy with the action. besides thats what Dante and Nero likes. New Repetitive, i can agree on that.

Asurastrike3865d ago

Final Fantasy games have amazing music. I actually have the soundtracks on my iPod lol

thereapersson3865d ago

It reminded me a little of KMFDM, which is always good. I will say though, that hearing it 1000 times over and over again during combat did get a little tiresome. I wish they would have mixed it up a little bit more!

ChickeyCantor3865d ago

Castlevania > WIN.
From Castlevania on the NES ~ DS.




Bionic commando.

Double dragon II.....

Super metroid : Metroid prime 1

............................. .....................
And lots more >_< although im afan of video game music.

permutated3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

The best soundtrack of last year easily goes to Bioshock and Super Mario Galaxy, with Mass Effect running closely behind.

Honestly, I'm tired of 'epic' soundtracks like Halo and God Of War, even though they're fantastic in composition, they don't add to the overall experience the same way that the score in Bioshock or Mass Effect did.

Oh, and I completely agree with this guy about DMC4's music, that one track was ridiculously over played and quite frankly not very good.

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