Troy Baker Teases New Project: Possibly with Naughty Dog

Karam Elahi writes: "Troy Baker has become the next big thing in game voice-acting. Starring in games like The Last of Us, BioShock Infinite, Arkham Origins, Catherine, Persona 4, Infamous: Second Son, and many more, Troy is proving his voice-acting mettle and range. Even Nolan North is starting to appreciate his adversary’s competitive drive and undeniable talent."

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-Foxtrot2564d ago

Hopefully he's not the main character then. It would be weird to have him as a main character in two ND games especially when they borrow your likeness for the character model.

I'm think more like what Nolan North was when he played David in the Last of Us.

-Foxtrot2564d ago

By the way I forgot to add this only applies if it's a different ND game not a Last of Us sequel

minimur122564d ago

Im pretty sure that it isn't with ND unfortunately, I know that they've never used the facecam for their mocapping, now this could change because of next gen, but I know that theyve never used facial capture.

I'd like to believe it's ND, and there is a chance I'm just going from their history

pyramidshead2564d ago

he's got some seriously impressive range though. Have you heard him do the joker at comicon? Now think about how that dude plays Joel as well. it's awesome haha.

UltimateMaster2564d ago

Hopefully not Final Fantasy XIII-4...

FFXV would be great, tough.

Pintheshadows2564d ago

'especially when they borrow your likeness for the character model'

Ermmmm... Have you actually seen a picture of Troy Baker. I'm guessing no if you think he looks like Joel, or for that matter any of the characters he has played in games.

-Foxtrot2564d ago

He kind of looks like him a bit facial structure wise.

Oh and I just meant ND, I didn't say other studios do that.


At minimur12 , you are right and wrong. It was true that Naughty Dog were reluctant about using mocaps especially facial ones lretending they were inaccurate to create natural emotions and the ones they want ingame. After the progress the technic has wen through, they changed their minds and they confirmed they will be using facial mocaps for their next gen game with slight manual correctionsif the situation requires it.

minimur122564d ago

have you got a link to that ? anyway, thanks for the heads up, I didn't know that. They didn't on Tlou, but anyway it's always nice to learn something new :)

medman2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

If the man can be Booker Dewitt, Joel, and the Joker, all in the same year, that should tell you all you need to know about his range. Oh, and he's also Delsin Rowe in the soon to release Infamous Second Son. #Notworried

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Sammy7772564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Now this is Megaton. Whatever ND releases would be goty of that year . They should definitely make LOU ps4 version though

CocoWolfie2564d ago

most likely dlc for the last of us, i highly doubt the last of us 2 mo cap already with uncharted under there wing..? but we'll see, troys a busy guy he could be a random a.i in the upcoming dlc who knows :p

Omran2564d ago

He is not in the DLC because we will
will play as Ellie before she met Joel
so highly doubt it !

maybe he will be in new uncharted

cloud4952564d ago

He doesn't need to play Joel in the DLC you know.

minimur122563d ago

If anyone has sewn ND's mocap studio, there is actually a building rather than this, awarehouse .

But they are still working on the DLC, and ND would be on the final stretch for the dlc, finishing off the animations and bud fixing.

tigertron2564d ago

Savage Starlight please.

corvusmd2564d ago

Are we pretending this won't happen? If Sony doesn't have Naughty Dog make an Uncharted or Last of Us sequel, Sony might as well call it quits.

DigitalRaptor2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Are you sure you're not a fanboy? I've seen many of your comments shedding tears over things that Sony fanboys are saying that upset you. Yet here you are, doing similar or worse. Please explain.

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