Editorial: Why It's Hip To Hate GTAIV

You know why? Because the irritating elitist gamers with superiority complexes the size of Montana absolutely MUST find something wrong with any game that scores so well and sells so many copies.

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HighDefinition3815d ago

Finally someone had the [email protected] to say it, it`s TRUE.

sonarus3815d ago

I don't hate the game, i just think it lacks wow. A game that scores 10/10 better WOW the fvk out of me. The story was extremely boring at first. Same ol same ol GTA type stories go watch a drug deal...oh no drug deal gone bad shoot ppl now take me back home.

Its nothing new to me really. I am getting into the game a bit more and its probably the best one but i had more fun with san andreas. The best part of GTA for me was the randomness and the randomness just doesn't tickle me the way it used to.

PS. Everytime you try to have sex with your girl and she agrees and he says hey listen i respect you...that sh!t cracks me up every time

tweaker3815d ago

I sure as hell didn't get the "WOW" impression I had when GTA:SA came out.

crck3815d ago

I'd have to say the game isn't as great as I thought it would be. The last GTA I played was GTA 3 and it doesn't feel much different besides better graphics and a more engrossing story. Since I haven't played GTA for a long time and GTA fanatics kept saying it would blow Saints Row away I have to admit to being a bit disappointed. BTW Saints Row holds its own against this game.

toughNAME3815d ago

It just greatly disappointed me?

Breakfast3815d ago

"Grand Theft Auto IV is great. God of War II is great. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is great."

Whos saying God of War is bad?...whos saying CoD4 is bad?

GTA took plenty of steps forward...but, it just didnt feel right. I know in my heart it deserves a 10, but my head states otherwise.

toughNAME3815d ago

You belong over there --->>> in the super open zone!

Genki3815d ago

because we all know that if someone doesn't like something that the teeming masses do, they must be either nuts, an elitist, not a true gamer, or any of various worn out cliche epithets that people sling around to quell their own insecurity.

How about this, if your precious game truly is as good as you let on, then you wouldn't give a crap about what the elitists say.

Caring what others think when you've already(supposedly) made up your mind only signals denial and insecurity. Crying about what others think and trying to prove their OPINIONS wrong with the false logic that inherently goes along with that notion simply says that you yourself also don't truly believe what you're telling yourself.

If you enjoy your game, a different opinion doesn't make you wrong, nor does your opinion make a negative opinion wrong. Suck it up and move on...yet another garbage editorial from the internetz..

NMC20073815d ago

but I really don't care for it too much and in my opinion doesn't deserve the ratings, it's an ok game, nothing incredible to me, now Ninja Gaiden 2 is incredible, at least it is to me, see, we all have different tastes and opinions, I like NG2, some would say MGS 4 and so on, so it's not hip to hate GTA, I actually think they should ask "Why is it hip to overhype GTA?" that is the bigger issue here.

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The story is too old to be commented.