Wii wins PopSci's award for best new home entertainment product has published a list of the Best of What's New in 2006, spanning a range of categories, and the Wii has won the honor of the best new product for the home entertainment category!

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Agent VX4452d ago

Please, don't take any offense WII fans to my comment.

But I really need someone to help me understand why the WII is getting rave reviews?

I think the controller is neat in theory, but I would not like it as my main controller, nor would I want to use it all the time. I mean its just like a remote control for my DVD player, and I hate using the thing.

Or is it affordable pricing, because the graphics are really nothing but beefed up last gen.

Or is it Mario and Zelda?

I give Nintendo credit for trying something new, but to me this is a WalMart console, and I find that to be a bad thing.

ChickeyCantor4452d ago

"mean its just like a remote control for my DVD player".........RIGHT never knew your DVD remote has motion...............

you are used to a normal controller, but that has nothing to do with the way nintendo created something.....they made something new that people can use....maybe thats why they won this price.

you think its walmart? i dont see sony or MS win this price for them consoles