Wii Fit gets a 5/10 from Swedish gaming magazine Super Play

The latest review scores from a Swedish gaming magazine Super Play have been published. Oddly enough, the magazine completely destroys Wii Fit, rewarding the game with a 5/10. The full review scores are as follows:

The World Ends With You: 9
Mario Kart: Wii: 8
Wii Fit: 5
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer: 8
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker: 7

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Rikitatsu3812d ago

they are being realistic

season0073812d ago

i appreciate it
they are rating it as a game...not some sort of fake fitness machine
compared with cross trainer @gym, i believe cross trainer works much better in exercising
compared with most games on 360/ps3, i believe most games entertain better than wii fit...heck then why should they rate it higher?

tweaker3812d ago

5 is still pushing it. I'd say 3.5 at best. Worst purchase ever. My girl is brainwashed by Nintendo with their gimmicks and its losing my money. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.