5 Reasons Why GTA IV Will Be Better on the PC

Silviu Stahie writes:

''There is a pandemic going around in the world and it's called the GTA IV bug. I don't want to be misunderstood, I really liked this latest title from Rockstar but I feel that all the editors in the world, with very few exceptions, are attending group therapy in a brothel. I also don't want to imply there's a black contract between the publishers and all the major gaming sites (maybe that's a good idea for another time) because the purpose of this article is entirely different.''

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Silellak3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

One big reason it won't:

Cheating in multiplayer.

Still, it would be nice to get that much closer to the Rockstar's true vision for GTA4 with the PC hardware to back it up. I might even consider buying it again, if it does ever come out.

I love GTA4, but it's clear how much more graphical potential it would have on the PC.

PR0F3TA3865d ago

not really... cheating online on GTA4 isn't a big deal for me as a PC gamer... games like Crysis and COD4 is different, since they reward you (kinda)

5 reasons why GTA4 will be superior for PC:

1. Modding
2. Mods
3. Moding
4. Mods
5. Modding

Close_Second3865d ago as good as it gets on the PS3 for this type of game then I am utterly disappointed. Given all the power the PS3 is supposed to pack I was actually hoping to see a real big difference between the PS3 and 360 versions of the game.

Sure the game looks good and is a hell of a lot of fun to play, but blue-Ray has resulted in no added benefit for the game nor has all the hype surrounding the cell. So again, is this the best the PS3 can do???

As for on-line multiplayer, if people wish to cheat to play GTAIV on-line then be my guest. GTAIV multiplayer is uninspired and will not have a huge following such as the likes of Halo 3 or COD4.

PR0F3TA3865d ago

oh yeah the graphical differences in GTA4 are so noticeable that its unplayable... *rolleyes* When i'm playing MGS4, i'll make sure to remember how blu-ray makes no difference hahaha

you know whats worse then a fanboy? a fanboy who swears hes not a one... so take your avatars advice and shut the fcuk up... k?

dktxx23865d ago

I can't believe he tried to argue the controls as a plus for pc. Without a dualshock, or hell any gamepad, it just don't feel right.

Charmers3865d ago

It is horses for courses. I am playing GTA 4 with a controller and personally I feel this game would be massively better with a mouse to aim with, instead of the retarded, out of date auto-aim and manual aim that is so slow as to be practically useless.

WildArmed3865d ago

I hope Rockstar doesnt bring it to PC until they can be sure that pirates wont make them lose money.
Plus, GTA aint the same unless you play it with a controller on a 72 inch HDTV XD

Charmers3865d ago

Yeah because Piracy doesn't happen on the consoles does it ..... Oh wait it does, the game was out for nearly a week on torrent sites before the game officially came out. As for your 72" TV, you can of course connect a PC to your TV and enjoy PROPER natively rendered 1080p graphics instead of 640/720p upscaled.

Asurastrike3865d ago

Rockstar already said it was doubtful it would ever come to PC.

Charmers3865d ago

Rockstar said nothing of the sort. If you are referring to whatifgaming that has been debunked. The official line from Rockstar when asked about the PC version is "no comment". I of course would be very interested in any information and proof you may have regarding this mythical statement though.

Ali_The_Brit3865d ago

ahhh PC gamers, a dying race

Charmers3865d ago

Ah a console kiddie living in fantasy land again. If the PC is dying please tell me why we are getting 300 games this year of which 180 of them are exclusive to the PC ? Please tell me why nearly all the console big hitters are on the PC or coming to the PC eg Mass Effect, Burnout Paradise, Gears Of War etc etc etc

If this is what happens when the PC dies I never want it to live I can barely keep up with all the games as it stands at the moment. Anyway I will let you get back to your little fantasy world.

PR0NE3865d ago

@charmers, i am interested to know the 180 exclusive pc games coming this year... can you give me a link?

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