Games Will Follow Smoking Cigarettes - Unhealthy, bad, pure evil: gaming

Calin Ciabai writes:

''A few days ago I decided to put an end to my most disgusting habit: smoking and, as expected, most of my friends have rushed in to congratulate me. But the idea for this
weekend's reading came after one of my oldest friends (and, at the same time, a guy that never played a video game in his life) told me something like: "Well done, bro! Now, you only have to stop wasting your life in front of flat screens and you'll be perfect!". It was the moment it clicked. Everything became crystal clear. Invisible puzzle pieces were, in an instant, joined together, presenting me the big picture: games are like smoking!''

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PoSTedUP3866d ago

well if they cant stop production of tobacco, which certainly is hazardous to your health, they sure as he11 cant stop me from playing my video games. ive been smoking for 8 years, i just quit 2 weeks ago, honest to god i owe it all to my playstation, yea thats right my playstation helped me quit. with out it i would have nothing to do besides smoke cigarette's. and if thats the case video games are a lot less harmful to your health. (true story) my playstation one of my saviors.

3866d ago
White_hell3866d ago

seriously...... games are like smoking

thats gone too far

doshey3866d ago

wow really someone must not know the difference between smoking and gaming

ianp6223866d ago

The only one wasting time in front of a flat screen monitor is the person that wrote this article.

Honestly, just because video games are popular, and some people don't like them and say they are bad for you, they should be compared to cigarettes? Why don't we throw comic books, rock and roll, and Harry Potter in there too?

The only time I would say video games might be compared to smoking is in the case of MMORPGs, where some people get addicted to spending inordinate amounts of time in the game just to level up. In other words, it's a problem when you're playing a game even though you are not having fun.

jadenkorri3866d ago

just pointing the finger at someone for playing games is ridiculous, i know tons of people who don't play games, but sit their fat a$$ in front of the TV and watch show after show and flip through them all day and don't do anything, and there totally over weight, apparently were not the same, technically who is getting more exercise, a gamer or tv viewer, a gamer is cause hes constantly thinking rather than staring at a screen and absorbing rubbish...... wasn't it like 15 years ago listening to music and watching bad movies was what caused school shooting and the what not... Now that gaming has become the popular thing its easier to blame games rather than yourself as a bad parent...

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The story is too old to be commented.