8 Things We Want to See in GTA

A dream list of stuff Kombo wants to see in future GTA games.

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BilI Gates3818d ago

1. Better graphics.
2. Locked at 30 fps.
3. A much bigger city that can only be done with Blu-ray.

Tmac3817d ago

Uh.. easy with the comment.

RAF-TECH3817d ago

1) no freezes
2) no Sub-HD
3) exclusive content that is only for 360

PR0F3TA3818d ago

everybody wants something in games...


GTA4 is the same thing... just enjoy it dammit!

ThatCanadianGuy3818d ago

a few things i've always wanted since GTA 3 was maybe to use gastations to refill your car with gas? i can see how it would be annoying to run out of gas..but hey..thats how it is in real life! and you could always just steal another car.. and i would of liked to be able to buy propertys in this one like san adreas.blinkers on the car would of been a nice touch.its the little things that count to me.

Ghoul3818d ago

actually i had the same desire and it would damage gameplay a BIT since gta is all about cartheft-f**k it up-grab the next one

so running out of gas only takes you 5 seconds to grab the next one available.

FreeMonk3818d ago

with a majority of those on the list but here are my top 3 wishes:

1. More stores, more hangouts, more variety in places to go. Why not be able to take a date to a cinema with fake trailers?? Why not be able to go into a club and do some dodgy dancing? Why not be able to go into a bar and choose how much you drink and see how much drink you can pour into your date?? Miniature Golf??

Just more variety and freedom in the places where you go between missions either with friends or with your dates.

2. Full Co-op! Why has this not been added already??

3. More items to spend your cash on!! I've got around $900,000 in the bank and nothing to do with it. Why can't you buy a property in Liberty City? Why not buy a car from a dealership? Electronic goods for your pad (TV, Music Center, Laptops etc?) Do something to make the bonus cash you get for the missions worth while instead of just spending on Weapons, tramps and hookers.

I love GTA4, but it's far from perfect and definatly doesn't deserve 10/10 scores. Definatly 9/10, but not a perfect 10!

LorD3817d ago

I understand this article is that dude's opinion, and everybody is entitled to their own... but why waste your time writing that tripe??

Some of the things that guy asks for would be totally unrealistic and not even fun.

"Fully Modeled Interiors for All Buildings" --- Oh RLY??? Who'd want to spend the time to explore all that crap?? That would be a 1,000 hour game right there. Besides, it would take so many artists and programmers to create something like that, that the game would end up costing $25,000

"Destructible enviroments" --- Wait for next-gen, not doable this current generation on a game as complex as GTA. Besides, would buildings you destroy reset?? Who'd want to finish the game in a flattened waste land??

"Robberies" --- (cue Picard's Face Palm), haven't we had this since at least Vice City??? sigh....

As far as the other points, he always ends with "Rockstar could expand upon this"... well, NO S&%T SHERLOCK! Rockstar's time and resrouces are finite, so stop asking for an infinite game.

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The story is too old to be commented.