1UP: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Preview

Last year's Tiger Woods game broke new online ground with its GamerNet feature, which pit golfers worldwide against one another in long-drive challenges and allowed them to pinball crowd members with a single swing or make trick shots that could only be replicated in cyberspace. This year, instead of having players drop out of the game to select challenges, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 will seamlessly integrate those challenges into every hole.

If you're connected to the Internet while you bang through a regular round of 18, for example, you'll see an unobtrusive GamerNet icon in the distance before your tee shot, daring you to outdrive the day's best. If you do, the data will instantly upload without any extra steps from you, and you get points. If you don't, then another challenge will pop up -- for example, tasking you to get closer to the pin than everyone else.

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