GamerNode: Top Five Metal Gear Solid Game Moments

Gamernode presents its top five Metal Gear Solid game moments with description and video. They write:

"Metal Gear Solid has been one of the premier franchises for the PlayStation.

Each iteration of the PlayStation has come with a Metal Gear Solid game, and with June 12th approaching the same can now be said for the PlayStation 3. Metal Gear Solid 4 promises to finally answer the questions which have lingered in the past three Metal Gear Solid games. Here at GamerNode we wanted to celebrate what could be the last time we get to control the original badass, Solid Snake. Look here in the upcoming weeks for a plethora of content as we dive deep into the Metal Gear Solid franchise's past.

And now we bring you:

Top Five Metal Gear Solid Franchise Moments"

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PoSTedUP3815d ago

they luuvin it....psycho mantis, that part was good. i personally liked in number2 when i was locked up and they kept electrocuting me, that was bad a** like rambo

gaminoz3815d ago

I'm hoping this is a great game...kinda looks like COD4 with the Middle East...What were your favourite moments of previous games?

PoSTedUP3815d ago

i personally liked number 2 when i was locked up and they kept electrocuting me, that was bad a**, like rambo bad a**