Skate It on Wii and Nintendo DS

IGN writes..."Last year, Electronic Arts and Black Box literally reinvented the skateboarding videogame design with Skate, an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 experience that put heavy focus on dual-analog stick control for its gameplay. What were once automatic button presses in games like Tony Hawk now had to be worked for by flicking your thumbs to pull them off.

Because of the dual-analog focus, it wasn't surprising to see that the original game didn't make it to the Nintendo Wii or the Nintendo DS – two systems that lacked the "standard" control offered by the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. But that hasn't stopped the publisher from trying – in 2008, Electronic Arts will release Skate It, a spin-off of last year's console design that will focus on utilizing Wii remote and Nintendo DS touch screen for its skateboarding control. The Wii version will also support the Wii Balance Board that will ship with Wii Fit in two weeks."

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PR0F3TA4676d ago

i smell gimmiky controls... i'm sorry but some games just don't work well with the Wii, and this is one of them.

WiiFit board =/= skateboard

Voiceofreason4676d ago

I smell senseless hater.. already trashing it and we know very little about it...

shawn1174676d ago

damn this is going to be a good game.

especially with the wii balance board i can put my manuals to the test =)

gimmick my ass!

and im a real skater.

*cough* my picture

SullyDrake4676d ago

Sounds absolutely brilliant, and again puts the Wii in the lead for innovation.

I'm eagerly awaiting Skate 2 for PS3 though.

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