Persona 4 Opening

Opening of upcoming Playstation 2 game: Persona 4.

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Homicide3866d ago

That was pretty cool. Hope it comes out this year in US.

BilI Gates3866d ago

Not gonna happen. Japan is getting it in July. That means we get it next year around the same time.

Skerj3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Love, so, much. It was rumored that it might make translation by the end of this year, I hope that rumor proves to be true. I'm especially glad that P4 seems to have amped up the "style" factor from P3 considerably. Now all they need to do is return the rumor system from P2 and we're talking something special.

PoSTedUP3866d ago

i dont even know what it is about. a game? a cartoon?

Le-mo3866d ago

When can we expect a Shin Megamei Tensei game for the PS3?

BilI Gates3866d ago

It's in development. I think we'll see it this year at TGS.

callahan093866d ago

Very nice. The only thing I thought was bad about P3 were the anime cutscenes. They were just, in general, poorly drawn and poorly animated. This opening is a vast improvement, for sure. Other than that, P3 was an amazing game, and I'm of course very excited to play P4.

Skerj3866d ago

The load times were kind of irritating as well considering the other SMT games were relatively light on them, if any at all. But yeah P3 was/is freaking amazing (and Fes is even better), I can't wait for P4.

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