Top 10 Video Games of All Time

This is a humorous, retro oriented countdown of the ten best video games of all time.

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permutated3867d ago

Link to the Past better than Super Metroid?


Silellak3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Sorry man, I gotta join the chorus of disagrees here, but then, that's also just my opinion.

What I don't buy is putting FF6 before Castlevania and Metroid.


And I still don't think Castlevania or Metroid as a series are better than Final Fantasy as a series.

OldWizard3867d ago

The lists says they only chose one game from each franchise. So Super Metroid and Castlevania SOTN are ahead of FF3.

kevoncox3866d ago

Thank goodness that this list wasn't done by some PSX era idiot.
I agree with every game on that list. I would switch SMB with SMB3 or SMBW on Snes. I think Mario 64 should have been 1st. I would remove Castlevania and move that to top 11.

eagle213867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

All of them are among the top games of all time, even if this is a retro list. Super Mario Bros. 3 should have been number 1 in my opinion. How in the world can it not be? :)

here is their breakdown for non readers:

10.) Contra (NES)
9.) Pac-man (arcade)
8.)Mega Man 2 (NES)
7.) Secret of Mana (SNES)
6.) Final Fantasy 3 (USA)
5.) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1)
4.) Super Metroid (SNES)
3.) Chrono Trigger (SNES)
2.) Super Mario Bros. 1 (NES)
1.) Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (SNES)

iamtehpwn3867d ago

Ocarina > Link to the psat

Silellak3867d ago

Actually, I preferred Link to the Past to Ocarina, too.

But then I'm a hardcore SNES fanboy.

Silellak3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Oh Jesus, another Old Wizard article. I'm scared to click on it.

Before I read it, let me guess - very Nintendo-based, nothing even remotely resembling a Sega title, because Sega is the DEVIL and all of their consoles are worse than the VIRTUAL BOY.


I wonder if the author at least apologized to grammar before he PUNCHED IT IN THE FACE with this article.

UrbanJabroni3866d ago


Based upon your brilliant "punched it in the face" comment, I decided to go back through your post history, and found pages upon pages of non-bias, reason and insight.

Please refrain from this sort of behavior in the future.

Jon Cage3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

All I had to do was look at the front page of his blog and that was enough for me. I remember this guy put out some crap list for worst game consoles. It was just him venting his hate for Sega. His logic was totally off base and he bashed several consoles for no reason other than his hate.

I didn't even bother reading this blog. Was one of the worst examples of fanboy blogging that I have read, and that is saying a lot.

I'm just going to have to be more careful and check who submitted the article before I click it.

NDN_Shadow3866d ago

I whole heartedly agree. This appears to be one of the most biased sites I've ever seen. This list does not reflect the 10 best of all time by a long shot.

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The story is too old to be commented.