Guilt-free Grand Theft Auto IV

GamesRadar tries to see how far they could get through the game's story without committing a single illegal act, documenting it every step of the way.

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PoSTedUP3866d ago

wow what a waste of time

Bits-N-Kibbles3866d ago

Nice try... I'd like to see them try it in some later missions...

I don't think they will get very far in the missions part of the game

DarkRayneRules3865d ago

My biggest problem is in high speed chases. Can't help but run over the civilians. Do they have ambulances in GTA? I know in Saints Row they do. Nothing like getting to kill someone a second time around. lol. There's no such thing as overkill... but underkill is just plain criminal. lol. I'm silly... but it's the little things in video games that impress me. Like things falling over when you run into them. OMG I have to say the best thing in GTA is getting drunk and trying to walk around. Superb animations. It's funny just falling over and running into Roman. :) Roman is the best drinking buddy. I'd like to see the drunk driving harder though... since all it does is blur the screen and vibrate the controller. The car should swerve and stuff... you know because he can barely walk, but once he's in a car he can drive fairly normally. I just love all the details they can put into next gen games. I LOVE IT! I'm obsessed. I want a new game every week just so I can ogle everything. Games used to be so empty... not now! :P YAY! Me so excitable.

jinn3866d ago

more like LegalRadar

Close_Second3865d ago

...was anyone other than me disappointed with the PS3 version of GTAIV?

Ok, its looks good but for a couple of years now we have been told that Cell and Blu-Ray is needed for true next gen gaming. I don't see any benefit of Blu-Ray or the Cell when I play GTAIV on the PS3, especially when the supposedly inferior Xbox 360 looks and plays almost identically.

However, without getting bogged down in a comparisson with the 360 version, is GTAIV the best the PS3 can push out for this type of genre. Is GTAIV really exploiting Blu-Ray and the cell and if not, why not?!?

C_SoL3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

with the game in general and the PS3 version.....I really think its the developers fault of making it how it is.....Just look at Killzone 2 or MGS4, I know the PS3 has potential, but the developers don't wanna push it cause u need money for these kinds of things especially 4 the PS3.

EDIT: Ya, I know what u mean...Nothing big, basically an enhanced GTAIII. I gotta say GTA:San Andreas was the best GTA for me, there was so much more to do. I wish they would have done the same for GTAIV(like buying property or fixing up a car at least). I really think they didn't add all that stuff cause the DVD's that the 360 uses was holding it back. With out a doubt if it was a PS3 exclusive the game would have MORE stuff cause of blu-ray. We'll see what will happen with GTAV....

A game based on I Am Legend would be hella tight, it would be freaky also.

Close_Second3865d ago that the missions just felt the same as previous GTA games. Nothing really blew me away - there was no depth to them and they did not seem realistic what so ever.

Ok, my hat is off to Take Two for deveooping the best sandbox environment yet (i.e. Liberty City) but why could they not have spent just as much effort coming up with some really tight and involving missions.

Oh yes, I would love to see a game based on "I Am Legend" using an enhanced GTAIV game engine.