GameTrailers : PlayStation 3 SCEE PlayStation Day: Summary

As the session draws to a close, let's step back and look at how PlayStation has delivered on its promises.

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I_killed_TheMart3907d ago

Why did you put a picture of killzone for this video? when killzone is not even mentioned...dumbass

Fishy Fingers3907d ago

What would you suggest I should of used? Maybe the same old picture of a PS3? Killzone was the highlight of the show so I used that. You should have reported during pending.

Thanks for being offensive all the same, reported.

Vino3907d ago

Can't wait to hear about the new games that will be announced for the next-gen consoles at e3, and other games that are in development. Well glad to see what will come out in the fall.

DJ3907d ago

And Reeves is right, the improvements to their software lineup and PSN are to thank. They already have almost as many online subscribers as Xbox Live (8 million vs. 11 million, I believe).

Close_Second3907d ago

...he does not seem very passionate about gaming. He could have been standing there talking about sales predictions for bottle milk and it would have come across as being just as dry.

Shadow Flare3907d ago

yeah. I've always thought David Reeves is an idiot *cough* EU PSN *cough*. He just looks like the kind of guy that doesn't really know what he's talking about and isn't very passionate about gaming. Bring back Phil

AngryXbot3907d ago

Microsoft needs to talk less shiat.

"You are either the boss or you are the biatch"

Sony is proving they are the boss in 2008 (and beyond). Its line up is truly staggering and unrivalled. The best the competitors can come up with is "more rumors". Thats just sad. I dont want to hear rumors. I want to play some real games.

Games that the competition does not have.

"Under current US law, the term of patent is 20 years from the earliest claimed filing date, plus patent term extension."

Home and LBP are exclusive.

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The story is too old to be commented.