Still can't play GTA4? It's your PS3, Says Rockstar

Being the owner of a 60 GB PS3 that just happens to not play GTA4 has made for a stressful week and a half. I am a sufferer of the dreaded instant freeze, meaning I haven't been able to play more than 20 seconds of GTA4 and have tried every fix there is, including the patch. Calling Rockstar, Take-Two, and Sony (and not getting any concrete answers), and watching everyone on my friends list play GTA4 while I play another game of Warhawk has been trying. Now Rockstar has finally sent me a reply that addresses the 60 GB PS3 issue:

"Thank you for your patience while we continue to work to resolve this hardware-related issue. We have provided your information to Sony, and they will be contacting you directly to assist in the repair and/or replacement of your PLAYSTATION 3 console.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Please provide us with your mailing address and shirt size at your earliest convenience, as we would like to send you something as a token of our appreciation for your patience with this matter.

Rockstar Games"

Since most of us with this problem are WELL outside of our warranty, exactly how much money will it cost us to play GTA4?

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Vip3r3866d ago

Mine plays fine, even before the patch.

HighDefinition3866d ago

I have a 60gb and have NO problems at all.

Wolfgang1873866d ago

Sure wish mine did. Every other game on it works fine. If I have to pay to get it repaired I may have just spent $60 on a GTA4 T-Shirt :(

HighDefinition3866d ago

But he un-installed the "Game Data" file. Re-installed it and it was fine.

Have people been trying that?

Wolfgang1873866d ago

Hidef, you really gotta trust me, i have tried everything humanely possible. I have exchanged discs, un-installed and re-installed more than 10 times, deleted all save data, changed every setting the PS3 has to change, tried the silly "12 steps". nothing works.

sonarus3866d ago

I don't have any clue of how many ppl have this problem. But replacing my ps3 because of GTA4...Fvk dat, i would rather not play

skynidas3866d ago

I got it on Wednesday and I was a little scared because of all the freezing stories, but my game has been running flawlessly, not even one freeze or lock up

Genesis53866d ago


That is strange. Really sorry about your luck. I have been playing on a 60 gig too. Fortunately I have had no problems. Good luck I hope you get to play it soon. It really is a fantastic game.

HighDefinition3866d ago

May the force be w/ you.

I was trying to be creative.

Genesis just said what I was gonna say.


Sayai jin3866d ago

@Wolfgang- your not alone. I am having the same issue. I have tried all of the fixes to date.

justgamez3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Never even experience a hiccup on my 60g PS3. Sucks that some people are having issues. I wonder if it has something to do with Nat2 or some other port issue router related. Some games have issues with your router for what ever reason.

Alcohog3866d ago

60gb here, no problems!

Enigma_20993866d ago

... besides the morons who follow me around and give me negative feedback for suggesting it?

gonzopia3866d ago

It's strange. I have one of the newer 40GB models and I had it freeze the very first time I played... but it hasn't done it since. Occasionally it has given me three little beeps upon exit, but otherwise I've been okay. So I've experienced it, I know it exists, but it hasn't plagued me. Odd.

acuragsr963866d ago

I have a 60gb and i had no problems online works fine you got realy bad luck

Megaton3866d ago

Same here, aside from that little hiccup last weekend because of the servers.

trinisouljah3866d ago

60 gb ps3 froze twice the first day it came out then I signed out of the psn and it never froze again. Then I downloaded the patch and signed on but i didn't really get to play that much with school but it didn't freeze up yet.

ProperFunked3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

dude, im right there with you, only i just received my coffin today. i talked to both T2 and SONY and they wont admit fault. after being able to play gta to 35% it no long works. this problem has also infected my other games to the point where they freeze/lock up as well. since i can't find m reciept and target only keeps records in the system for 90 days, i gotta pay $150 bux to get it fixed. yes i have done everything anyone has ever suggested. even resetting the BD drive which im sure alotta you dont know about (hold eject button for 20 secs). i can only play PS2/DVDs and PS3 demos on my HDD. i can't even re-install GTA4 because it stops installing after about 1-2mins into the installation process. and this is the second SE box ive gotta but both version of the BD disc where AO4s. and its obviously not the internet issue cuz when i was able to play online i got into games no prob. but that was when i could play.

oh and i have an 80GB bought just before uncharted came out (Oct/Nov 07)

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White-Sharingan3866d ago

mine is still playing like a drean *knocks on wood" and I have a launch 60gb PS3 ;3 (I wonder if the forgotten 20gbs are going through the same thing)

BigBoy20003866d ago

And I had some slight freezing issues toward the beginning, but since the patch I haven't had any problems.

solidt123866d ago

I have a 20 gig and I have not had any problems at all.

Fishy Fingers3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

IF they can nail it down to a fault with certain units (although I still find that hard to believe) I'm sure Sony would honour your purchase and replace/repair your console, warranty or not.

Might take a little pestering mind you, maybe a lil stalking.

Silellak3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

I wonder if it's just a certain piece of hardware in certain 60 GB PS3's - sort of how the 360 has gone through 3 different DVD drives. That would explain how it could've slipped through Rockstar's testing, too. I highly doubt they released the game with a known issue this bad.

It sucks that the people who paid the most for the PS3 - and thus are the most dedicated fans - are apparently the ones getting screwed.

Consoles are becoming more and more like PCs, and that's not entirely a good thing. I shudder for the day I can't play GTA6 on my PS4 because I don't have the right video drivers.


Do you REALLY think all the reports of this on the internet are made up or something?

Gorgon3866d ago

"Consoles are becoming more and more like PCs, and that's not entirely a good thing. I shudder for the day I can't play GTA6 on my PS4 because I don't have the right video drivers."

Calm down, buddy. What distinguishes consoles from PCs is not hard drives, or keyboard support or whatever. Its static hardware that no matter what SKU you have your console will play all software made for it the same way as any other SKU. You are already getting driver updates every time your console gets a firmware update...

I guess the thing here is that some PS3s have some hardware problem that went unnoticed untill the code in GTA4 evidenced it. Lets see.

power of Green 3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

What are they saying?, are they saying PS3 has a type of RROD problem that "Lies Dormant”. untill more complex games expose the problem, that the PS3 can't inform gamers its gimped vs other PS3's that work properly?.

Could PS3 be like PS2 where it continues to try and operate without any warnings that somethings wrong to the gamers?. Atleast the 360 will not let you try and operate the console if it has an issue.

alexM3866d ago

since lot of XBUTTTs go there with FAKE ACCOUNTS


your x360 AUTOMATICALLY dies by itself

The GTA4 PS3 problem has affected a FEW BTW

White-Sharingan3866d ago

yeah thats probably it

maybe one day all PS3s will stop working and a red ring will pop out of the logo
then it can really compete with the 360!

power of Green 3866d ago

At first I thought Sony had secretly upgraded the hardware specs when the 40 giger launched now I know it is all PS3's and that the hardware is built inconsistantly vs the heat issue of the 360.

PoSTedUP3866d ago

i know, it told my friend that it would scratch his disc before he put it in.

power of Green 3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Yep the same way my freind's PS3 told him his PS3 disc loader was shot fuced up and trapped his game in the PS3.

The Closing3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

You don't have to lie. We all know you don't have any real friends, and no your mother does not count.

Sir Ken Kutaragi3866d ago

...their Mouths move!!! ;-D

p.s I know over 20+ people(in the real world)that have got GTA4 and have had no problems with the game running on their 60GB PS3's???

RockStar should Patch Micro$ofts little xBot Lemmings Mouths up!!!
That would Work!!! ;-D

Tmac3866d ago

It really seems like your reaching with your imaginary friend story.

Sir Ken Kutaragi3866d ago

I know over 20+ people(in the real world)that have got GTA4 and have had no problems with the game running on their 60GB PS3's???
Strange that???

Vito_corleone3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

my friends ps3 killed his entire family, burned his crops and gave him HIV.;)

wass0073866d ago

U suck!!!! wen its winter go use your fixme to heat up your house lmao!!!

@Tmac i though i was gona b the only 1 wiv a GOW aviatar lol GOW FTW!!!

juuken3866d ago

Tmac, don't even worry about PoG.
He's a regular xbot idiot here.

And I'm with you on the game itself. Something doesn't smell right, because I wonder why PS3 owners are having more problems than the 360 owners?

JadeTyrant3866d ago

that would be your ultimate wet dream..."RROD problem that lies dormant"...only you man, only you...

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toughNAME3866d ago

It's good to see Rockstar appreciates Microsoft's durable and long-lasting hardware

xhi43866d ago

lol ur being sarcastic............right?

btw i'm pretty sure you're toughNAME, you've got the same display pic and the same fanboyism.

Fishy Fingers3866d ago

What you call "fanboyism", I call wit.

HighDefinition3866d ago

I don`t say the F word anymore.

gamesR4fun3866d ago

yep the reason for mods is the one formally known as toughname and one of the few fanbois I dont mind tho he'd be much cooler if he came to the dark side :P

PR0NE3866d ago

the reasons of sarcasm

gamersday083866d ago

Hi The Reason For Mods, please keep your RROD to yourself. You've been screwed and living in fear everyday. No wonder you posted such comments. You're suffering from inferiority-complex syndrome man. Go get some help. Peace!

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