echochrome Review: "Poppin', Lockin' and Thinkin"

Kotaku: Sony touted it's minimalist PlayStation Network puzzler echochrome at E3 2007 as a game inspired by the classic, simple-but-deep rule sets of traditional brain teasers like the Chinese board game Go and the Rubik's Cube. Pitched as the PlayStation 3 game with "the least graphics and the most gameplay," echochrome lets players guide an animated artist mannequin through a blocky construct, picking up "echoes" via Escher-esque perspective bending.

echochrome, with its simple black and white line-work aesthetic is certainly lacking in the expected visual fireworks common in most modern games, as promised. But does it feature the proportionate gameplay of its inspiration?

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Still waiting for this game to come-out in the Australian PS3 Store - on their web it says around May, hopefully a few more days/weeks from now.
Have downloaded the demo version off my Japanese PS3 Store and loved it., quite different and simply deceiving.
Can't wait for the entire version and at such a very reasonable price - read for the U.S. version just costs around 9-10 dollars.